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Just a reminder, this game and the DLC are fantastic.


PS. I live in Richmond VA and have been running glaive for a while. It's awesome. Perfect for our group.

Looks like the new file with the updates is layout only, do you mind uploading the single pages file as well?

I bought the paperpack, very cool. Could you say a little more about the species ? I'm having trouble visualizing the last two. Are there analogs to these? I'd not could you share a Sentence or two more ?

This game is awesome.

it's been great. Lovely flavor the playbooks are sharp 

Resolved! Thank you!

AC this is the bomb. I love the set up and flow. I especially appreciate the campaign map and the tools to run the game.

Quick check. 

On page 10 in the roll section 6 is listed twice. I'm thinking the second one is meant to be 1-3.

Again this is good stuff. Great use of ideas from other systems in a slim but evocative form. Cheers

Hey, the daeonbast characters sound fun, but I'm having trouble with the visual. I've seen the shark like person from Megalos, is that what you're talking about? Or perhaps the zora from Zelda?

Tempest is so good. Running it this week

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I claimed this game a month or so ago, then finally found time to read it, and then purchased it. It's awesome. I've read like 40 + lumen games and run 13 different systems and this is a flavorful and fun addition to the family. I can't wait to run this with friends. Cheers!

I was looking through these awesome games, over 100, 92 for the jam alone! Is there a discord or other community place to share notes, thoughts, games, play reports and workshop efforts ? 

I love fey fire. !

Chosen ones is awesome. Fun and lite enough to be flexible

I love this game. 

I've been wanting to work on a flavor free base to run and here it is!

Nice !

Purchased! Super fun. You mind uploading a printer friendly version ? That's a lot of black ink!

So great Matt!

This is so great! I love the flavor and use of bastionland!

thanks for the clarification. Would you consider a print friendly version for the future? 

What is the exclusive content. I purchased and don't see a difference.

Any way to get a "print friendly" version of this (aka inverse the black and white)?

This looks amazing! I just found it and I can't wait to dive in!

Amazing. Simply beautiful work here!