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 I Love this game! it so fun, and huge in it's world building. I can't wait to take a journey with some friends in this world.

I love this game. 

I've been wanting to work on a flavor free base to run and here it is!

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Would you mind releasing a "pages" version of this great jam

Module 4 coming any time soon ?

Nice !

Purchased! Super fun. You mind uploading a printer friendly version ? That's a lot of black ink!

So great Matt!

This is so great! I love the flavor and use of bastionland!

thanks for the clarification. Would you consider a print friendly version for the future? 

What is the exclusive content. I purchased and don't see a difference.

Any way to get a "print friendly" version of this (aka inverse the black and white)?

This looks amazing! I just found it and I can't wait to dive in!

Amazing. Simply beautiful work here!