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Loving the gradients on these.

The bundle as stated in the topic is a massive bundle and I don't presently have the space to store it all locally, so, as a result, internet volatility has already begun taking its' toll. There's one asset in the bundle, one by lampy, that is missing. I am just curious as to what it was, and if it is available anywhere else, or if there's any other relevant information to be known. If lampy theirself were to provide some insight, that would be even further helpful and awesome.
I really hope that this asset/game bundle doesn't deteriorate too soon...
(I had downloaded a few of the assets - like twenty and lampy's wasn't one of them so if it's gone forever then...)

~'Vanilla' DooM UI Message on chainsaw pickup

I can tell you that the auto-tile format for VX/VX Ace, and MV/MZ, are pretty close to identical (XP is quite different).

However, the four auto-tile types have different dimensions and rules for utilization; only A1 is animated and I believe the limit is sixteen animated tiles.

Yes, the pixel size for XP/VX/Ace is 32*32, whilst MV is 48*48, and MZ has the option to select tile size now, or at least, this was a planned update from January.

I know the feels, very relatable, doing 99% of all gamedev yourself.

Especially when it comes down to games that satisfy and pander to kinks you connect with, it's difficult to not suddenly lose focus and find yourself completely lost in lust...

Aye. Dé rìen, mon ami.

These are really cool.

"You died, LOSER" love it.

This asset pack looks amazing. Cannot wait to give it a go.

The demo vid gave me a gigglefit, lolz

(though this does seem like something we should of had since VX)

Gamedev is definitely easy to want to get into, but not easy to actually make it all the way through. I know; I'm trying my hardest too.

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Aye. Dé rìen, mon cherie.
You're not kidding, especially since my level of expertise in Ruby/RGSS is novice level at best. I'm also not that great at pixel art from scratch, though I can do edits of pieces. I'll be better once some things stop being bonkerballs...(I won't elaborate on that lolz)

Solo dev here.

Definitely relatable. Hope you're well.

I remember this from when PushingUpRoses covered this on her YouTube channel some time back.
I look forward to playing it, when and if I have the hardware to do so.

These look sweet!

By the by, I had no issue with downloading, but I also used JDownloader2 to do so just in case. 

This is a decent game premise, for what is there. this any different from the previous release?

If I had a dedicated GPU (I have Integrated Graphics only), it might actually run, but as is, it has far too much lag.

I can see why there was only a 64-bit version initially...

I wanted to play this.
However, I'm one of those underprivileged gamers whose financial constraints does not allow for everything to be even remotely up to date.

Long story short; my computer's OS is 32-bit. I cannot play a 64-bit game on 32-bit architecture. However, it still looks fantastic.

These are really good. One query. Is it okay to remix these?

There's one that I like that I'd love to rearrange so it starts at a different part.

An oversight on my end. When going through that part, approach from the north for now.

Merci beaucoup, mon ami.

Glad you like. There will be more. Just need to not be sick, and need more uninterrupted gamedev time.

Been there, done that, saw the movie, more than once

These are lovely, even if the two packs I have are dated. They also go well with certain other battler packs I have.

Well, I bought the VX Ace packs, both of them. I'm curious what the differences are for the most part.
That and if 'loyalty discounts' (or whatever this is called) are a thing....

Looking forward to playing this.

Looks like a fun game. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.