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Hate this baby. Love my plush, though!

I'm ashamed that it took me so long to discover this game. Having played SuchArt so much over the past two years, this was a natural transition and I've already lost hours in it, even though I just started yesterday. Lawd help me

I'm SO PUMPED for the Steam release, fellas!! Amazing to see it as part of Steam Next Fest as well - I sincerely hope it gets the attention it deserves

I don't know why I ever take breaks between this game, because I love it so damn much

How did this slip past my radar for so long lol. Quality, rage-reduction game

pfft, you're a helluva CM, don't kid yourself.

Having made a ton of videos on the Bezos-centric version of SITTSM and loving it, I'm so excited to delve into the Musk-villain version! Let's kill more billionaires together

I love it so much...and I'm so sorry I didn't have the time to play more of the early glimpse into NL. It's fantastic! Hats off to you and the whole team, @hyphenza

I am very excited to FINALLY have more time available to dive back into this ;)

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Great update! Unfortunately, I found a way to soft-lock myself on Day 3, but we powered through it anyways ;]

I still don't know who the antagonist is; doge or monke

I suck at this game...but I love it! I don't love sucking, but this is a special combination

Holy crap, this game is incredible. Great execution of taking known mechanics (chess movements) and spinning it on it's head with roguelite elements, fantastic music, and a shotgun. Wow.

Just, wow.

This game slaps

hyphen, you deserve an award for your stellar CM skills

You know, I really miss playing this and might have to again soon...this game is still such a gem <3

Short, sweet, and made me poopy my pants.

Still loving the hell out of this game, and fitting in as many butt-references as I can

Absolutely love this game, fantastic work!

Great update!! Great way to make me poopy my pants

Here's the best 10min vid on Mr. Krabs Commits Arson - you can stop scrolling now


LOVING the new content, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface! You devs really did a stellar job at adding a ton of new features and areas compared to what the last version had <3 Greatly looking forward to unlocking everything!

So excited for an update to this 😈

My God, he was super annoying back in previous, he's just like a whiney 10 year old at Thanksgiving that you want to run across the room to hit, but you know you can't.

Because everyone has been asking (okay, one person asked on Discord last week), here's a tutorial for Start-Up mode. Go enjoy the video and call your mother

Ya done made me poop my pants. Thanks.

Wonderfully foul game! Loved it

My THICCest run yet! Dang near needed to put it to the lower settings, since this many enemies made my GPU chug XD

You always brighten my day with your comments, hyphen :)


As a follow-up to the Moveset Tierlist I did a few weeks ago, here's my Perk Tierlist.

You're too kind, hyphen <3

I didn't realize there were so many moves when I started ranking them... 81 moves and 28 movesets!? You guys are crazy. 

Anyways, I done ranked them. Any disagreements will be settled with fisticuffs

Room-to-room madness, lads! Still in love with it - now I just want more

Thanks! I'm here to help 

I see a lot of people asking about how to play as the secret character, so I published a youtube short JUST FOR YOU. In 30 seconds you'll be a master at doing the thing you're supposed to do to do the thing you're trying to do!

Left Ctrl+Backspace

Left Ctrl + Backspace

Thanks hyphen, I always appreciate the love you give <3