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No offense, but is this Vn still active?

ah i havent finish it. But yeah Lars is best daddy material!!

Which route is it??

which char is it?

3ple Yeaah

Yeah he is also good looking drago

I hope youu will add Kyrex route soon! I thought it would be a good conflict between friendship or lover. I think it will be a very interesting plot.

Thanks for your explaination!! Im really really like your vn storyline, especially Tai's route!!

What the different about patreon version and ithc version? anyone know?

What the different about patreon version and itch version

Can i play kinghts college using it?

The delay took so much of a time.... It must be 22 day ago.... Dunno but just feels kinda mad maybe??

Whatt??!! in the jun Route is Yuuichi get a car accident??!! I not finished the Jun Route. Gimmie spoiler plz.

is this series good?

do you have keisuke route spoiler???

huhh i hate waiting, at least i just need author clarification. Ill support if anything happen but please be transparent. Dont get wrong, i like the VN so much, but i hate waiting without CLARITY....