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Opa, tá aqui:

Coloquei nos metadados do jogo, mas esqueci de colocar em algum lugar mais visível.

EDIT: onde você achou um detonado pro jogo? XD

You are right, notes taken! Thank you very much for all the suggestions.

I'll add gameplay instructions soon.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for all the feedback!

I believe most of you are having the same issue, which is the button not appearing when you select a settlement. There are two possible causes: a good one and a bad one.

The good one is you just haven't found the right settlement (not all of them have buttons). There should be about six settlements spread throughout the map, and the one that spawns workers lies in the top-left corner. You can explore the map by dragging the screen with the middle mouse button. If this is the case, it's obviously my fault for not leaving any explanations for the controls anywhere >.<

The bad one is that it really is a bug, which I'm searching for but am failing to find. If possible, could any of you attach a screenshot of, say, the training camp selected but not showing any buttons?

Thanks again for all the comments!

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Hey there!

Yeah, not all settlements have buttons, only training camps and rest camps. There should be one in the top left corner of the map. You just got to scroll the camera there by dragging it with the middle mosue button.

Hi code0!

The precompiled version of the game requires some packages to be installed beforehand (the ideal would be to make a *.deb which automates this process, but I did not have the time for that during the jam). See the instructions for more details =)

Hey there. You can hire workers by selecting the settlement in the upper left, then clicking on the button that appears in the sidebar. That spends treasures though, so be careful.