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Updated review time! Bold is new words. Strikeouts do not apply any more.

Alright, in-depth review time! I will be talking about this as a virtual pet game/shop simulator and not the drug induced coma it actually is, because it's online and I assume they want people to stick around at least for a little bit longer. 

Atmosphere - Fantastic, amazing, stop reading, music reason enough, go away.

Care - The floppy care is one button and that's what all virtual pet games are so that's pretty cool. 

Social interaction - Battle, which is just have more experience than opponent. Friends which does something maybe. Chat which I think is fake. Boss which has  7 digit health and you can only deal damage in single double digits. I fear no one will beat John and his harem of animes. John is dead. Long live Baron Bankroll.

Creation - This is the real 'gameplay.' Buy canvas, draw something real wacky, someone buys it and puts it in their room. I think this was is the main way you were are suppose to get money and encourage creativity., but now has no real incentive to, because of below. Also the store just deletes items from itself which is fitting given the Chinese theme. Forgot to mention that some of the items have either this thin border line or straight up have some of the creation window as part of the item.

Economy - It's screwed, 2 days in and they already got 9 digit bank accounts. Don't know how (possibly the boss), but do know that being able to rob someone and get more than 99 gold for a stamina regen is extremely exploitable. Having a leaderboard for richest floppies ensures that from just one robbery you get 9 digits from them yourself. This was coming from the point where one of the 'difficult' quests gave 250 gold and a couch cost 700 gold by the way. Hey, look at em go, they nuked it. Everyone returned to 500 gold plus some from what they sold on market. They also changed how much you can steal from someone and lowered the price on stamina refill. You still can do the exploit, but you don't get nearly as much out of it. Quests also lowered gold reward a little. RIP 9 digit bank account, but it was for the better.

Also it stopped asking for log-in information and at this point I'm too scared to ask why.  Found out that clearing cache is what logs you out.

However, after all that it's still a great experience and it's free so why not give it a try. Same goes for all of's games, they're all great times.

After all, there is a reason they put it under the experiment category instead of games.

I've got the ideas, content, and writing, but I don't know what people actually use to make the PDFs. Is it like, google docs and then turning that into a pdf, or do you pay for the Adobe Acrobat and/or Microsoft Word stuff? A website maybe?

I see that you get a Steam key if you get the Itch version, but what if I already have the Steam version?

Is there any way to download it for local?

I know it has been about a year or so since you said this but is there any chance that the windows download is fixed? It looks incredibly interesting and I would hate to see it lost to time.