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Dyne i want to hug you for a couple of reasons

1. I love your Art & VN's they are really relatable but also gives you that twist feeling when something goes awfully right

2. You are an amazing person even though we haven't met i can just tell because your work gives off a vibe of who you are in a way. I guess the characters take a little bit of your characteristics.

3. This may sound weird but I'm just the type of person that loves giving hugs to make people have a good day ^w^  keep up you're amazing project and ill keep cheering you on in the background.

                    Stay floofy,


yes you have to redownload and its best to just start over but skip through what you've seen just in case because it could mess with the coding if you try to transfer your data without knowing how or what to do. (personal experience)

oh god why did you have to make Sho's update so short...I still want to spend more time with my boi ;~;

Ive been getting confused on whats been updated so when you update can you say what you updated on your page? you dont have to if you dont want to but other than that the game is amazing!!!!

one question how often do you update like is it monthly or do you just fling it out when you think its done not trying to rush you id rather you take your time its just i like to be "ready" in a sense btw the game so far is 10/10 cant wait to see what you come up with and if you like i wouldn't mind giving ideas for you to think over. But again im really loving the game so far keep up the amazing work

Tennis Ace

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I'm on the part where Darius is doing the pirate commercial and when hes changing back to his casual clothes he turns into a barbie doll for a split second and i think its when he taking you shopping if you skip your neck breaks which caught me off guard and had me laughing but i'm just letting you know  and i'm still lovin this game keep it up and i can't wait to see what you do for Richard's route

I love this new update thank you so much I'm in tears because I was looking forward to this WOTB never stop this amazing creation and thank you for that giant furball of pure muscle 

I was wondering if you update the demos Everytime you update the patreon version if so how would I be able to get the recent updates because they aren't showing up.  (Wss&p is amazing please keep up the amazing work >////<)

Do you still release the old version for free after a new update or did you stop that completely?

cool thanks Sketch

just wanting to know when can I expect to see Richards route if you don't mind me asking I know your busy and all with the others but I'm kinda curious