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tried that, still not working. im on a mac laptop if that helps?

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i cant start the game? none of the buttons do anything they just leave the screen and I'm stuck on the homepage

how do i reset the game/ level? holding delete isnt working

so cute but the response time is so slow :*)

anyone know how to get to the secret area?

oop i got it to work, i didn't see the "move file" thing at the bottom.

Can I ask that you make it possible for future games (or possibly previous ones too) to be playable in browser? For whatever reason, I can't figure out how to open your games on my computer (I always get some error message), and I always loved playing these in my browser as a kid, it was a lot easier to figure out. If not all good just figured I'd ask.

that was really beautiful. thank you for making this.

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i cant figure out how to run on my macbook air, even with the help. it says its 'up'??? but like a weird up. little help?

edit: oh never mind its just 'Shift' lol i talked to the shadow guy

gahhh!!!! what does the sheep want to eat after you give them water?????

i cant see anything at first its all grey, they achievemnt popups come up but hen just grey again

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i wish the retry buttons didnt take so long, tho the concept FOR the retry buttons are cute

very cute game so far tho

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i think there is a glitch, the guy says hell give me something if i deliver a message and the window opens but nothing comes out. then i go to deliver the message and they say they will give me somthing, but the window doesnt open,this is the last thing i have to do

edit: got bad ending and im playing again, this time i did the letter thing first and it worked

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even those first two spikes after the healing chest was hard! i also wish you could charge more then one spell at a time. wayyyyyy too hard. i finally got to the first lava floor but i can barely get past the first bat. wish there was an easy mode or something for more casual players like me. cute graphics tho

ok I've played again heres how it went

  • Transition time went WAY better i could actually move from scene to scene without it taking 10+minutes between them
  • Scene with murals takes a little longer to transition between but still playable
  • Scene with steam and falling rocks slightly laggy. 
  • After i got speed and started to make my way up the mountain with the falling rocks game lagged which got me crushed and sent back.
  • went up again and game lagged and then tab crashed :/

still i got way farther, faster then then before. i think the problem might be the rounded particles that takes up more space to generate, like the steam and before the transition particles.

i haven't made games in quite a while so i could be totally off on that but its just a theory

btw if you ever need a beta tester id love to be on the list each of your games is gorgeously atmospheric and I've loved everyone I've played! 

ahhh! really!? thats awesome, i figured since you made this a while ago id never get to play it, im a sucker for evolution games. ill let you know how it goes, thank you in advance!

very fun concept! great game!

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im having trouble playing the game, the controls are very laggy after the second gem and the shift between scenes is ver slow :( is there a mac downloadable version i can play? maybe that would help a bit. i really want to play this beautiful game

edit: got 2 gems at once from the steam level and it went totally grey and crashed my chrome web browser tabs

great story and funny premise with interesting gameplay. nice job!

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i love how you can go back and fix the most of the damage you cause by replacing bigger buildings with windmills, yet its never gong to be quite the same as it once was. we can slow things down right now, but with all the damage we cause to the earth it will never be the same again, and we need to keep it as good as we can get it

i think thats the point, a lot of women cant even get an abortion if they wanted to because they have to go through so many hoops and red tape and other people (doctors, gov., family, bosses etc.) to finally be approved for one that it takes too long and too much time passes for the abortion to be okayed. 

geez thats a little dark. great movie premise tho

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i fell in "these halls look the same" and cant get back now because the word 'Push' is no longer where it originally was and i needed to start over :(

if you just buy the 1 dollar option you get stuck and cant continue

just started but calling it now the monsters are humans (like irl)

ahh i dont play,  but thats probably where toby fox got the idea from now that i think about it. nice job btw!

lol dog ending love it, is this a reference to undertale?

is there a part 2 anywhere? really good game

oh ok i got it. 

a suggestion for the future? maybe as the letters are typed for each word, the letters you did already could turn red or something? so you have confirmation that you are typing and that everything is working as it should be. Tbh i thought my typing wasn't doing anything at first.... UNLESS THAT WAS THE POINT???

That even though you are working hard at something and following a regimen to improve, the efforts don't seem to make a difference until a you see what all the little dents did to take down your problem?

am just reading into this too much? probably. 

very well done btw (though i still don't know what the numbers and heads in the bottom right did)

it won't let me type in the words

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I'm a little stuck ;_; how do i get the vultures to leave? and what are the crows for?

what are the controls?

very cool, i wish there was an ending and plot though

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First of all of a woman, not a man. I’m still not Supra despite whatever you think. Second, I don’t own a studio, I’m still in college, and I haven’t made video games in a while, I just like playing them. I never said ParanoidCactus was ripping people off, I was offering ‘critique’, to help them improve possible new games and keep things in mind  for the future.  I really do love their games, including this one. Thank you for understanding about  this miscommunication, have a nice day!

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is there a control guide somewhere? i don't really know what Im doing or what to do when i reach those plus 1 things

also is the chamber endless? like it just goes on for infinity?

Hmm I don't believe you did your IP search quite right. Im not SupraGames, I just have a similar opinion to them. I also did not downvote any of your comments. I had read your comments on SupraGames though, and what I said was a critique on how the author could improve their games in the future, and possibly turn this one into a profit. I'm apologize if i somehow offended you with my opinions.

nice game, i wish the jump control wasnt so sensitive though

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116 deaths and 5 medals on EASY. this was very difficult, but intriguing enough to continue. i wish there was a bit more music other then that it was pretty good.

edit: just played through most of the NORMAL version and it wasn't any harder

I agree! I really loved the game and for me it was a little disorienting at first. 

I don't feel you need to buy anything, but it  would be nice if at the end of the game it said something along the lines of "you got 56/100 coins" or something like that.

I agree that it's a little confusing, I had to teleport around a lot before I could remember where I was, but usually in games I find I remember where I am pretty quickly. I think it's something called 'invisible design' or something like that, where you subconsciously map things in your mind. I love the idea of making thing mossier and more water-damaged the further you go down

I knew that the EMP canon was to the left, because thats the direction you were shot from , but I thought you had to keep going down until the water was drained, though that part was still a cool mechanic.

This game is really amazing for what it is and very professional looking. if the creator added these little things and made the game a bit longer with maybe a bit more plot I really think they could charge for it!

one more thing I would add: the name of the robot character! Id love to know the name of our little robot friend, and maybe the other aliens too.