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First of all of a woman, not a man. I’m still not Supra despite whatever you think. Second, I don’t own a studio, I’m still in college, and I haven’t made video games in a while, I just like playing them. I never said ParanoidCactus was ripping people off, I was offering ‘critique’, to help them improve possible new games and keep things in mind  for the future.  I really do love their games, including this one. Thank you for understanding about  this miscommunication, have a nice day!

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is there a control guide somewhere? i don't really know what Im doing or what to do when i reach those plus 1 things

also is the chamber endless? like it just goes on for infinity?

Hmm I don't believe you did your IP search quite right. Im not SupraGames, I just have a similar opinion to them. I also did not downvote any of your comments. I had read your comments on SupraGames though, and what I said was a critique on how the author could improve their games in the future, and possibly turn this one into a profit. I'm apologize if i somehow offended you with my opinions.

nice game, i wish the jump control wasnt so sensitive though

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116 deaths and 5 medals on EASY. this was very difficult, but intriguing enough to continue. i wish there was a bit more music other then that it was pretty good.

edit: just played through most of the NORMAL version and it wasn't any harder

I agree! I really loved the game and for me it was a little disorienting at first. 

I don't feel you need to buy anything, but it  would be nice if at the end of the game it said something along the lines of "you got 56/100 coins" or something like that.

I agree that it's a little confusing, I had to teleport around a lot before I could remember where I was, but usually in games I find I remember where I am pretty quickly. I think it's something called 'invisible design' or something like that, where you subconsciously map things in your mind. I love the idea of making thing mossier and more water-damaged the further you go down

I knew that the EMP canon was to the left, because thats the direction you were shot from , but I thought you had to keep going down until the water was drained, though that part was still a cool mechanic.

This game is really amazing for what it is and very professional looking. if the creator added these little things and made the game a bit longer with maybe a bit more plot I really think they could charge for it!

one more thing I would add: the name of the robot character! Id love to know the name of our little robot friend, and maybe the other aliens too.

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i got sealed in one of the rooms and couldn't fix anything

on the last level you end the game before getting to the last fish for some reason

right of the bat its pretty god but i would change a few things:

1. there should be an option to change the jump from the space bar to the up arrow, your hands are already kind of everywhere b/c of the mouse.

2. the character should be visibly jarred, shocked, or change when hit

3. the character changes direction based n what direction you are walking in, not based on where the mouse is.

4. the jumps should be varied. longer you hold jump key=higher you go

5. it would also be nice to be able to change the combat things to z and x or some other thing

do NOT put it on full volume i think my eardrums are broken :*(

nice! aside from all the things that aren't available in this update ;) id say your doing pretty good with the designs and such. i would add a section that tells you what kind of interface it has (arrows, z key, etc.) because for a good 10 seconds i was just clicking the screen and nothing was happening before i realized it might be an arrow key game. i would also add music and sound effects . other then that id say your on the right track!

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what am i supposed to do with the animals? i don't have anything to make music with???? also how do i catch the squirrel? maybe if i give the squirrel my nuts? but idk how please help

where can i buy/play the full game?

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im on a macbook air and there is this floating zero in a star but i cant click on it or anything. there appear to be someowrds or something at the bottom of the screen but they are cut off. i friggin love this art style though 

ok wait i figgured it out you have to click on the tiny ones in the back i thought itwas like level start 0 orsomething

the restart takes way too long and i xant even get past the first hill obsticle. cute concept though

this was such a bitter-sweet game to play1 thank you for making this. the graphics and aesthetic were very nice. well done!

when you make the curly anime pigtails pink, they are a slightly lighter shade then front hair when its pink

this looks so cute! i cant wait to play! what program/software did you use to make this?

is there going to be a continuatio of this game?

what software did you use to make this game? i am trying to make a pixel art game of my own using different types of game media, not just platformer. do you thin you could let me know what software you use? or of other games that you can make pixel game with?

i loved it this game! its such an amazing game, from the art and its style, to the beautiful music and sound effects. a year or two ago i played the original version, and i fell in love with it then too, even though it was a lot shorter. very well made and one of my favorite browser games

what program did you use to make this game? if i wanted to make a visal novel like this or a dating sim would i be able to use the same programing you made this with?