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the restart takes way too long and i xant even get past the first hill obsticle. cute concept though

this was such a bitter-sweet game to play1 thank you for making this. the graphics and aesthetic were very nice. well done!

when you make the curly anime pigtails pink, they are a slightly lighter shade then front hair when its pink

this looks so cute! i cant wait to play! what program/software did you use to make this?

is there going to be a continuatio of this game?

what software did you use to make this game? i am trying to make a pixel art game of my own using different types of game media, not just platformer. do you thin you could let me know what software you use? or of other games that you can make pixel game with?

i loved it this game! its such an amazing game, from the art and its style, to the beautiful music and sound effects. a year or two ago i played the original version, and i fell in love with it then too, even though it was a lot shorter. very well made and one of my favorite browser games

what program did you use to make this game? if i wanted to make a visal novel like this or a dating sim would i be able to use the same programing you made this with?