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Super fun game!! Our congregation was a group of black honeybee worshippers who were trying to suck all the color and joy of the world to sustain an evil hive for our queen bee. We were justly defeated, our wardrobes expanded, it was a really hilarious playthrough. My character was the town exorcist.

Would def recommend this one! 

Yeah!! It was a fun, emotional twist! And of course! :) TY for the game!! 🙏

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No, actually! :) This was our confidante, who I was fond of. Our scientists and creation are:Corvus Rally and his lost sister, Ayla Rally. He was on a mission to restore her and things got kinda funky.... 

Thank you again so much for such an awesome experience! It was a blast. 

I cannot express enough how much my fiancé and I loved this game!! We are sooo obsessed with the characters we made and the story we got to collaborate on together with the help of the narrative-building tools provided here. I feel like there's a lot of replay value too, a chance to play a different dynamic with another person or attempt the 3+ player version! Can't wait to do it again, but we're still reminiscing on our first game, doodling our characters, making playlists, etc. haha. LOVE this one!