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Oh sick! I’m glad the code was easy enough to use and edit!

Should be up and kicking! Please let me know if you have any issues or requests!

I took the bot off a paid dynamo, because of budget reasons, but I think I can kick it back on. I didn’t think anyone was actually using it!

Markdown is comfy and easy to read! I’m really looking forward to future work by this dev!

I’m so very excited, I cannot wait to run this for my players!

Weapons rules and dual wielding rules, that’s fantastic. Only thing I’d mention off-hand is for it to be official third party, you’ll wanna squeeze that 3rd party liscencing on the product (small text in a margin is fine). It’s required on the selling page, and the product.

I look forward to using these rules in my game!

May the gods have mercy on the poor fools who boarded my bus. High Score: 0

I knew it had to be something, like that. I’m loving how aggressively localized these games are. The spirit medium outfit is a “hippy” costume? Those are supposed to be samurai “hot dogs?” Ah yes, “hot chocolate” and a “heated blanket on a table” wouldn’t want americans to be afraid of a kotatsu or…tea?

Found this game looking for Mörk Borg content. Not disappointed though. Wild that I played this before I played Phoenix Wright. Now I have so much more context…Maya just really likes…hamburgers? Fantastic.

Love this class, it just works so good!

This is fantastic, I love the lore around the Ogre-fication of people, it follows the setting pattern of Goblins being cursed people, and spreads in a very thematic way. Also, what Murky Borgy GM doesn’t want to give their players cursed treasure for their effort of slaying the beasty? The cycle sustains itself, though Ogres keep themselves fat and few between. In essence a great mid-boss for your adventure!

Very excited to dig into this, I loved NieR so I look forward to seeing what you did with it.

If you’re looking for the download, there isn’t one. Click the “link” at the top of the page, and add the bot to a server you can invite folks to.

A quick review of a quick read of Hello World

Hello World is immediately captivating with it’s name, cover-art, and choice of formatting. The sense of immersion is instant, and extremely well maintained. This book knows what it wants to deliver, and delivers it with every step of the process. It’s never ceased to amaze me as I read through the whole thing (well I skimmed as I got towards the end, but you know what I mean).

Here are my thoughts as I read through:

  • The setting is fascinating. A premise of memory as the key value of society? Color me intrigued.

  • Love, love, love the way “Crew” is handled, where the party as a whole has its own character sheet.

  • A couple of page-references are listed as xx, not sure if intentional but an easy fix.

  • Really like the “Single Highest Die” rule for rolling, very easy to grock, I trust new players to be very comfortable with it.

  • I just love the gameplay structure

  • I find myself so immersed into the Lore and Setting that I genuinely forgot to look for code-inaccuracies. As an overly analytical jackass and a software engineer, this is very impressive to me.

  • Love that the “Functions” or “Moves” as folks may be more familiar with, all have a recommendation when a different function may be better. Feels like an excellent way to educate players and GMs alike. I love that overlap is intentional. Gods and I love the function names.

  • Attributes that are Determined by skills? Oh I love that, what a fascinating mechanic. I love its implications and execution.

  • Stress as HP, I’m just dancing in delight. This May be among my favorite games now.

  • “Crashing” the status and “Crash” the function share similar name space, which may be a problem, but then again, from a coding perspective, you use Crash(Entity) to set Entity into the Crashing status. Sooo maybe not so bad.

  • “The Stack” and “Drift” ugh, I love it. I love it so freaking much.

  • Memory is used to generate items? That’s so intuitive and great. Just so much impressed.

  • Kind of skimmed over clocks, it seems they work as I’d expect from my experience with Blades in the Dark.

  • “Position” for difficulty, I love the quirky names for things, very cyber, very relatable.

  • “Daemons” gods, is this a review or is this just a gushing about a new special interest?

  • “Derez by being arrested by the Troubleshooters” is an instantly evocative statement, that immediately creates an idea of what sort of game this is, and what dangers exist.

  • Heck, even COIN that seems to be a comment in game, or acknowledgement, of the block-chain boom in popularity.

    • COIN is “real money” while “crypto” is a game term for pocket change, and it’s defined by the fortune of your team. Like how IRL certain to people $5 is “nothing” money because they have enough wealth not to think about it, and to others $5 is a serious amount. Amazing.
    • 1 COIN = 1 MEM fantastic, I instantly know the actual value of the currency as a player/GM.
  • I’m curious why there 7 playbooks, but it doesn’t seem like a bad number, but I’m always curious if specific math went into these sorts of things.

  • Subtle Color coding in the Art and the format of the playbooks is great.

  • Did I mention I love, love, love the art?

Thundering hell, I’m going to be singing this game’s praises in quite a few places.

Love this alternate class, really feels like a Falstaff, Gaffgarion, or Charles of Navarre. Fits in so nicely with the other classes, and plays so well against expectations. 10/10, using in my games.

This was my first solo journaling ttrpg and it really clicked with me. Considering my fascination with death, macabre, and the story-telling that comes from dreaming I’m not surprised. I’ve always liked the dark and moving story of wishing I could forgive my past mistakes and give those I’ve wronged what they truly deserved. “Oh to wear the purple hyacinth of forgiveness.” A moving experience that’s worth far more than the asking price!

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that This Game appeared in a 1994 Televised Commercial on a VHS recording of “My Coffee with Niles” from Frasier episode 2. In said commercial it was pointed out that this game had won the “IBA Yeager Award” for extended battery life, from This Game’s research in conjunction Rayovac Industrial Batteries. Digging further in, I learned that This Game, PHD in Biochemistry and Electrical Physics, had published a paper on “The potential of battery active manganese dioxide” and was awarded a third doctorate from University of Chicago in 1995, for outstanding innovation.