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very cool and swag


bob lore


since the week 7's source code is not released, no.


also maybe ill make it a mod

maybe ur voice and search up random music


hey, i got a question btw, whats your oc?


its pretty cool actually i like it, thanks for making it

check the reply i made like 3 weeks ago

well i do have the data and the instrumental, but i couldnt have found the vocals, but i think the test data is a bit broken, but here:

i found a build of fnf week 7 that has the assets, also since this post is old and i didnt announce it, i also actually have the xml's, cutscenes, and the song's instrumentals and vocals. here it is:


i didnt make this game, someone else did

i just forgot to credit them

at twitter ninjamuffin said he will maybe add a ver once the newgrounds fnf page shows up on the top of "friday night funkin" google search results

once the fnf newgrounds page pops up on the top of "friday night funkin" google search results

heres all of the week 7 update assets:

unfortunately i couldnt have found the songs and the xml files in the game, they werent there, but i hope this can be useful

in the source code at "art" folder theres an audio called "c_z.mp3", its a sstv signal to encode images, if you decode the audio, you will encounter that

im not sure if he will since he doesnt add fans to the game

kayipkux commit baldi side

wait are you on linux or osx

you need to re-download the game

well, there hasn't been any spam going on....

that's surprising

the maximum amount of notebooks are 15, and theres 11 notebooks in my map

you can add the characters where you want, and the principal's room color is grey (forgot to add that)

hey paulor94, heres my map idea:

It All Started In 1990 In Texas City In Midland State On Spring Street, Father Joey Is Going To A Job At A Company Called Basket Lol, He Planned To Create An Educational Game For kids And Their Children. David and Mya, David is the boy who likes to play games, Mya is a girl and a fan of the GYM, Her Mother Alice will be happy with her children. Basket Lol Hires An Old Game Developer To Help Realize Their Next Project, In Which I Deside To Gather Stories From The Past To Create A Game Franchise Like This, They All Go With The Title Baldi's Basics, So They Started On The Move To Develop The Educational Game, After a few days in development, a Basket Lol Employee named Michael accidentally brought some boxes containing circuit boards in which they were allowed to scan to have the movements of the characters for that educational game, when they were scanning and modifying textures and sounds, in Some of the circuit boards had a malicious virus in the shape of an invisible humanoid with a red shirt, blue jeans, and dark eyes,
 this virus is called FileName2, FileName2 is the most deadly threat that managed to get out of the game, David Joey's son decided to try the game to see as such, but when he was playing a lot, he found himself face to face with Filename2, In Which David Tries To Defend But Realized The Virus Was Too High, Filename2 Creates A Clone To Mess With David's Brain Causing Him To Have Nightmares With The Virus, Filename2 Forces David To Cut His Face And stab him self in the eye David Dies Bleeding, His Mother Alice and Father Joey and With David Dead May Cause Evil, While The Girl Mya Feels Punished By Her Mother, But Filename2 Appears At The Door And Creates A Clone Of The Virus And Gets Into Mya's Brain , She could not bear what she did as She began to bleed, but not die, She started to grow, became strong
after this, Mya became an ally called BORKI, BORKI and Filename2 They are going to avenge the education of Basket Lol. In 1991 Phill Gallagher was prepared for the last episode of "Michial The  Exploror before the season of Hot on wheels. While I am about to record the series after the intro, but it was a failure since the file was quickly corrupted by the presenter and he began to create things very badly done, causing the TV show program to malfunction completely, after that the program "Michial the Exploror" Was Canceled. Before Phill Gallagher Retires He Goes To The Elevator To Search For his Creations, When He Was Collecting All Creations, He Finds Filename2, Approaches Phill Gallagher To Kill Him, But Phill Was Smarter And Dodges It, Phill Gallagher Begins To Run Through The Studio So That He Doesn't Catch Him, Phill Arrives At The Elevator But Filename2 Hides Himself, Phill Gallagher Changes Clothes Putting A Purple Bow And Leaves, Filename2 Gets Angry And Sets The Studio On Fire, The Figures, The talking Bird, And The Materials Were Destroyed By Fire, Phill Gallagher Leaves The BBC Studio Healthy And Safe But Bad, As His Shoes Replaced With Brown Socks, His Blue Jens where black, Replaced By The Sleeve Shirt Long Black and a few grey spots And Her Eyes Begins To Get Black But You Can See, Phill Gallagher Takes On The Appearance Of A School Principal Called Principal of the thing, Then He Is Going To A Job At The School Of Baldi Basics That He Was About To Open Up. 1992 Basket Lol Opens A Baldi's Basics Schoolhouse
And Hires Baldi As A Bald Teacher, After That They Started Hiring Members For The School, And One Of Them Was Phill Gallagher Called Principal of the thing Hired As Principal To Watch Over The School Rules, GOTTA SWEEP The Floor Drainer Upstairs She hires as custodian to clean the school, Mrs Pomp hired as assistant teacher so that the students are not late, and new students like playtime The Girl, Beans The Girl?, It's A Bully the Bully, Arts and crafters The shy creative Sockpuppet, First Prize The Virtual Reality Robot And Chalkels The child's head drawn in chalk when would do mischief. After a few months, Baldi will start the math classes, but a minor student asked the questions well and a bad one and he gets an F, Baldi gets angry and tries to hit him with the rule. The little student runs so that Baldi does not catch, other classes began to flee by hiding in the lockers., Baldi was able to find them then the student used the thing that made doors quiet, after one of the students left the lockers, FileName2 dons a blue suit that Basket Lol has created, students cannot see the face of the virus,
 Filename2 Takes The Students To A Red Door, The Principal Tries To Open But He Can't, Filename2 Pulls Out The Suit And Kills 3 Students In The Basement, The First To Die Was TimTom And The Last To Die is Two headed baldi (even though he's not a student), After That, Filename2 Puts dead students In The Blue Suit And Burn It With Fire, Filename2 Put Out The Fire With Water And Put A Clone In The Suit Combining A Being Called The error sound, The error sound, So Filename2, BORKI And Error sound Are Going To Revenge Against Education At The Baldi's School. Some Other Students Run So That They Don't Hit Them, But Principal Appears And They Are Held In Detention, While Some Students Would Be Bored In Detention, BORKI Appears And Begins To Murder The Other Students, Then The error sound Hides The Corpses At the Table, So Howdy the Cowboy Puppet  Goes with the Students Who Were Killed and I Keep Their Souls in the Lockers, In 1998 A Friend Has a Problem With His Student And He Goes To Find The Notebooks At School, After The Student Will Go Down to the Elevator Find baldi and said that he is going to classes, Baldi Realizes That The student is carrying the lockers of other students Baldi Goes to the student to hit him, The Student Gets to avoid the mastakes And that baldi caught him, The Protagonist She manages to pick up her noteboos, and she goes to the elevator, but one of the elevator doors closes immediately, after the student goes to the elevator and leaves the room. li. In the year 1999 Baldi decided to start his last class, so some of the students in the Math class tried well and others badly, Filename2 the error sound and BORKI were underground, they give control to the body of Baldi and Baldi. He hits all the students They stab them They cut them and they bled them and everything, Baldi retired, but the police appear and they arrest Baldi, Baldi goes to jail for 12 years, after this, Filename2 sets fire to the school and burns , Howdy transform the students into ghosts, Howdy You release the other souls of the students
 in the lockers, Howdy and the Souls are going to avenge the person who killed them, all the students were removed from the school to all the members, except Principal In Which He Was Caught By Filename2
And His Alidates, They Lead To A Room In A Blue Basket lol Suit, The Allies Put principal In The Suit, And Go, The Ghosts Of The Students Approaching He The Person In The Suit Believing That He Was Principal, But The Debris Falls And Explodes Causing Mister Miker To Bleed To Death In The Suit, After That The Souls Go To Heaven, Corrupt File0 The Burned M The 2 others will Remain There.
 In 2001, after the accidents and events of the Baldi Basics school that Basket lol has created, Oswald Houser was an independent investigator who recounts all the events that occurred in the Baldi's School, Oswald opens the door and sees a box with a note from someone unknown The Unknown Wants To Visit Oswald, Oswald Saw It Was Some Keys To Enter Baldi's School, So Olwald Climbs In The Car And Goes To Investigate Everything That Happened, Oswald Enters The School Without Problems In The School He Found Burned Lockers And Voted Notebooks on the ground, He Found Blue Tramp Containing principal's Body And Also Possessed By His Soul,
 In Which He Grabs Oswald On The Neck To Ask Him ¿Who Are You? I Am Oswald, An Independent Investigator For Normal, And Blue Trap Responds, I Am prinapal of the thing, And I Am A School Principal, Blue Trap Counts All The Things He Has Done In The Past, The Creation Of The Show Program, The I Work As A Principal At The School, And Everything, So Oswald And Blue Trap Find The Cowboy Howdy, Howdy Was I Send Them Blue Trap To Find Oswald, Owald, Miker And Howdy They Are Going To Investigate Basket Hell, Files Revenge Name2 And Everything Happened In The Past. After a few months of investigation Phill goes to the hospital to recover his body, Howdy and Oswald will follow the adventure, Baldi decided to leave the prison for the police, Baldi goes to Basket lol and the businessman, Baldi somehow recover the reputation then Basket Lol Decided To Make A University With New Students And New Members Who Will See You Soon, Here In The best Edition. And end!!