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Hey, I understand what you mean about the map and default items, unfortunately. However, I'm glad to see you did enjoy some aspects of it, and thanks for taking the time to play regardless!

Thank you. uvu.

Now, a few updates:

-The final boss is now animated, kind of; I'm using Yanfly's plugin that makes enemies move or be animated.

-There are now CUSTOM DEAD BODIES. You know, what's important.

-Slightly more expanded story.

-This isn't important, but the non-battle sprite for the boss I accidentally created in a way that it looks like it's dancing. However, more than one friend told me to keep it, and this isn't meant to be TOO serious, so voila, the sprite looks like the music has it.

Sorry for the double post, but I have one semi-important announcement and one actually important one.

First, Hao has a design:

You can also see that Patrice has has a bit of an upgrade on her own design. I still might tweak it.

Second, Bee Vomit is now COMPLETE as of my original goals, which were:

1. A custom sprite for Honey

2. A playable first level

This means I have time to go back in and polish/replace placeholders. Or, uh, make them less obviously scribbled for time.

I stg I'll pick an art style eventually.

Thank you. uvu

And now, an update. I'm considering trying to make larger sprites, but we'll see how that goes, since usually when I try anything like that RPG Maker is like, "no".

In other news, the level boss battle is basically done, and pretty easy, which I feel it should be, since, y'know, only the first level. Meanwhile, I think I've finally settled on the design for one of two characters who appear at the end, after defeating the boss. Currently they're going to just have MV placeholder ones, which might get replaced with custom ones depending on time. Enough rambling, here's the first, Patrice:

Similarly to Honey, she's quiet, but she does actually speak, unlike Honey. She also appears to be skeptical of Honey's nature and intentions.

I'm also working on the level boss' art:

There's more to it than that, but it's technically naked, but nothing "inappropriate" is scene. Either way, for safety's sake, I cropped just the upper part.

Finally, I made a Tumblr for the game, which if interested you can locate here: Bee Vomit devlog.

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Honey has jumping capabilities, as demonstrated by this gif, using a placeholder sprite.

(It's intentionally pretty dark; a light is acquired later.

She also now has a custom sprite, which is...shoddy, but it's my first time making sprites like this, so it's OKAY.

She's not actually done in pixels, because I am even more awful at pixel art, so she's made with a normal, albeit tiny, pen tool.

Edit: I just noticed an EGREGIOUS error with that sprite, which is now corrected in her actual in-game one.

Thanks! Let's hope I don't regret making that her primary method of attack. :'D

Thank you!

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"!Do not let Honey out!"

"!!Do not touch Honey!!"


Hi! As you can see from my name, I'm Mink. I've make visual novels in Renpy before, and made a (very) short demo in RPG Maker VX Ace, but I wanted to use this jam as an opportunity to do something in RPG Maker MV. This is meant to be pretty short, and just the first level of the game. That way, I can focus on getting something complete, and at least custom placeholder assets in.

I also have a Twitter, @Mink_Lala, if anyone's interested in that.


You play as a strange girl named Honey who's been locked in a room for an extended period (after about 274 days you've lost count). After so long, you just sit immobile in the same spot, relatively unaware of your surroundings, and lost in your own thoughts.

Then, one day, you notice something that isn't supposed to happen: your door is open.

Bee Vomit is a side-scrolling, mostly exploration(/puzzle) game, with (some) combat. It's meant to have some horror elements while not being strictly horror, though that may not be apparent in the first level.


Honey Sketch

Honey: The player character. She doesn't talk because XXXX and has no arms because XXXX.

Patrice: Similarly to Honey, she's very quiet, but unlike her, Patrice will speak from time to time. She also seems to be skeptical of Honey's nature and intentions, unlike her compatriot.

Other images:

Title WIP

Honey Fight Sketches