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Black Dog Red Nose studio

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Thanks for the feedback! I really loved creating this game (^_^)

Yay! Finally! I've been following game's development in Instagram and was very hyped. Unfortunately I can't launch it on Mac OS :( 

«The application “Dojokratos” can’t be opened.»

Thanks noxden! Visuals are my weak spot so I'm trying to make gameplay entertaining enough :)

Thanks a lot! Maybe you are right and the game needs tweaking because I only played it with my friend and it was quite easy for us to beat it,

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Really nice game but please fix the screen size

Nice idea! Good luck developing it

Thanks for the feedback! Honestly I was going to disable the sounds completely as I don't like them. They still have to be reworked

Please add some checkpoints. The game is too difficult.

BTW How long did it take you to make this game?

Thank you for the feedback! That will teach me a lesson :)

Hey Feldo!

I'd like to thank you for organizing this jam! It was real challenge for me but mostly I enjoyed it :)

Huge thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely implement the changes and complete the game in a couple of weeks.

Great visual effects!

Oh, my first Construct 3 project! :) Good luck tweaking it.

My variation on this one —

No, still doesn't work :( 

Please add "Restart" button and extend the time — I'd like to practice my dunks

The game is unplayable on touchpad — I cannot dodge :(

Best of luck on your next game!

Since there are levels in the game I'd increase the difficulty gradually

Finished the game with only mouse button mashing :) 

Nice visuals!

Game concept is cool but you need to add more levels and enemies. Good luck!

I think I've found a glitch

Is it me or the game is too difficult?