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Kavus Kazian

A member registered Oct 08, 2019

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I notice when I play on Light Class, the computer players are very crashy. It used to just be the lower top speed and higher acceleration that made it easier. Now it's too easy! Would you consider adding a separate difficulty option, and putting Class back the way it was before the recent update?

Trying to launch the game from the Itch launcher on Windows now just launches the track editor, and it says it's disconnected. Launching the game executable directly works.

I think it's part of the base game on here. I seem to already have the tracks that are listed as being part of the DLC on Steam.

Slipstream community · Created a new topic Great game!

This is a really great game! I'm not the best at it, I especially can't get used to the manual mode. But it's fun and engaging!

This is absolutely awesome and very cute!

Well yeah, but if they don't they're kind of scumbags. He promised everyone keys back when that would have been allowed. They're basically breaking his promise for him if they don't make an exception, and an exception would be perfectly reasonable given the situation.

Mr. Quist should ask for more then, since he promised everyone would get one before they made that change.

It sounds like Valve has limited how many keys he's allowed to give.

I'm happy to not get a Steam key, and so's my boyfriend.

Will the full version be available on Itch also? As in will it just update to the full version since I bought it here? Or will I get a Steam key but no full release on Itch?