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Came from a YouTube showcase, made an account just to buy this, and ended up playing this game several times by now—it’s a really, really fantastic little game!  It holds a lot of charm and succeeds in being creepy and unsettling in all the right ways, without ever overdoing it or crossing into the realm of silly.  The simple controls really complement the theme of struggling at the bottom of the food-chain (before gradually rising up, that is).  I’m finding myself very enamored with the art style, too—it succeeds in feeling totally unique despite the massive number of indie games that also opt for pixel styles.  The sound design, too—there is nothing about this I actively dislike.  It’s very obvious a lot of love was put into this by everyone on the team.

Really looking forward to seeing more projects from both of you.  Hope you’ll consider making a full-length game or sequel to this; I’d love to play more of this and am insatiably curious what the Borrus would grow into!  Definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for future works from you.  Creepiness is definitely your forté.