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I came from manlybadasshero's playthrough of the first game and then I discovered there were sequels and played through all of them in one day. I love the writing and character designs and dynamics so much!!!!

Felt weird playing a game with a depressing theme that can relate to what's going on in the world right now. But other than that I really loved the game!! I loved the writing and characters, not too flat or too complex. The art style and colors gave the world a fitting atmosphere. And the true ending made me happy and gave me hope! I am excited for future games coming from you and nami!!

Cute story and characters!! I love the premise and character designs they kind of remind me of LiEat. Desserts being used in the story I love and its just so cute and makes me hungry. I was really sad when it ended after one client, I wished it was longer. I wanted to see more of the adorable couple assisting interesting people.

My only gripe is that certain items are hard to find because they blend well into the background, and puzzles would be more fun and engaging if they were interactive images instead of just text.

The art style is so pretty!! I also loved that Dolly is depicted as a very ambitious influencer who does what she can to succeed, and not just a shallow vapid pretty girl. I just wished it was longer so we can know more about her life!