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Ngl, wasn't expecting a lot from this game, but boy am I glad I'm wrong.  This game actually made me laugh a lot.  Plus, the characters became endearing through the play time which I was def surprised at when I ended up really liking B-boy because he is not something I would normally pick to play.  Paris was actually my favorite?  Normally I do like characters like him but idk I loved him more than I was expecting.

The plot wasn't something I have seen before and it had a lot of cute moments. The customization was a touch I really liked.  Having the character become more how you want them to be is great for everyone,  I personally don't care for when the character has no pronouns or gender at all and I really liked how you could choose what to be and that it actually affected the story.

I do wish someone had made a walkthrough because boy was it hard for me to figure out some of the good choices for the good endings.  And the little snipits you get after getting the good endings I liked.  I was not expecting spoiler-> that Paris and B-boy were going to actually get together, and I am very surprised to admit I liked that addition as it was never something I had ever fancied or tried to read before.  Though I will admit I def was a little jealous over Paris for that haha

Overall, read the game.  I'm usually afraid of free games but this one is worth your time and the MC is super cute and has a good personality that's pretty relatable with a lot of her reactions :)

Okay wayyyy too short for me! I don't know what I was expecting but I definitely wasn't ready for that haha.  Five stars because this came at the perrfect time for me and you drew him so well!  Please make more!! 

I wish it was longer, but it was a good read!  I like the fantasy theme and the romance wasn't just thrown in there.  Honestly I loved the blonde's route the best even if I would've hated someone like him in real life.  Overall worth the $2 and I'll probably revisit it again in the future :)