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This game was super fun for me!

I wanted to play more.  I think 4 more puzzles would have left me satisfied haha

I customized it though! ahhh oh well lol

Edit* I don't know WHY it is not showing the correct thumbnail...oh well!

I thought to myself...why not? :D

Two thumbs up!

Here is my playthrough as well as my rendition of No Scrubs lmao

I had fun! I couldn't crack the phone code, though. 

How did you know how to turn the arrows?  When I played, they didn't seem to move the mannequins at all.

This game was fun! I would play a full version.

I didn't expect that ending haha. Nice work!

At first, this game seemed a little fishy.. But I enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! 

Great game! haha I loved it. 

I know this game is super unfinished but I made a video!

This game was so fun! I got really mad lmao...oops.

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I played this a while back haha.  So here is the link if anyone is curious.  I liked the game!  I'm also laughing so hard bc WHY DID I MAKE MY BOX SO HUGE?! *face palm*...

I'm not sure if it was so dark because of my monitor or what the deal was with that.  The darkness would be my complaint about this game.  I really couldn't see at all! I brightened it up in my video, though! SLENDY IS BACK!

Here's the gameplay! I still couldn't light the stove!  I will say, though, I really like these types of games.  I would definitely play a full version!

Yes! 4 pieces of wood and 1 piece of paper! I couldn't light it.  Also, I couldn't turn on the lantern either and the map is blank!


I enjoyed this game! Make a full one!

And here's part 2!

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I really liked this game to be honest.  It was different and challenging and had a really cool surreal vibe to it. 

I enjoyed this game alright.  It reminded me of The Memory a little bit and I liked that game.

This game frustrated me BUT...I liked it!

This game frustrated me BUT I liked it anyway haha

Tried it!  I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing so I played a riveting round of the Alphabet Game!

Check it out! I had fun with this one.

This game was interesting.  I gave a review of it in the end!

I was sad when it ended.  I wanted to keep playing! lol

I loved this! It was so pretty

I liked this so much for some reason! lol I even made a last minute video of it.

I was scared of this game haha

I eventually got the hang of it! Great job!

I agree with the positive reviews.  I found this game very interesting.  It was simple yet had an eerie feel to it.  I enjoyed the 90s style graphics.  Yes there were mechanical and spelling issues and it did freeze on me once, but this IS a demo.  It is not finished yet so I overlooked those issues and focused more on the storyline and how the game made me FEEL. 

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I played this back in January! It was quite the interesting game.

I made a video on this a long time ago before I had a decent mic lmao or any sense of how to edit...better. Love the game!

I wanted to keep playing!