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Love the demo but I was a little confused as to why I was unable to kill the enemies.  I fired probably 10 shots into one of them and they still did not die. Halp!

I liked this game!

I love the old school style graphics.  The game ran really smooth and the environment was eerie! I give a short review in the end of my video.  Keep on keeping on! Great job!

I did a "Let's Play" for this.  Here's the video!

My full review is at the end of the video.  Nice work!

Check out my "Let's Play"

Truly disturbing.  Great work!

I can't wait for the full release! Stellar game!

Thank you for making this game! I love games like this one!!

This game had a lot of feels.

IT WAS SOO GOOD.  I can't wait!

I wanted more of this game!! The design was really nice and I loved the eerie feeling that it gave me.  I kept feeling like something was behind me.  Great work!!

I don't normally play games that are set up like this one, BUT I enjoyed this!

This game gave me a jumpscare or two haha.  I liked the game overall, my full review  is at the end of my video!  =)

Very nicely done! I loved the 90's feel and I think this game looks very promising.  The only bug I experienced was with the soccer ball but I didn't notice any other bugs.  Keep up the great work!

This game gave me the creeps.  I got lost in JC Penny when I was a kid and it was horrifying haha.  Here's my gameplay if anyone is interested!

I didn't know I could get startled by a simplistic scarecrow....but this game made me feel uneasy.  It was very simple and there was not much direction BUT I liked it.  I proceeded to play more of it once I finished my video! Great job!

I looooooved this.  I was genuinely sad when it ended and I had to stop playing! Keep up the great work!

Keep up the great work!!

LOL Yeah someone on my channel informed me that it is NOT in Spanish hahahaha.  I couldn't stop laughing.  But now that you've told me a little about the mechanics, I'll have to try to beat it again haha because I DID pick up on some of the words.

I definitely enjoyed this game.  My only issue was that I was not sure if the guy at the end was Denver or who that was.  As far as the game mechanics go, I didn't have any issues there.  The game was smooth, clever and  it made me actually feel uneasy.  Keep up the great work!

I got mad because I didn't know it wasn't in English.  BUT, I liked the concept of this game AND it was super fun to edit! Keep on doing what you're doing!!

I don't understand the negative comments about this game.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing it! My only recommendation is to make the flashlight last just a little longer! Here is my Let's Play if anyone wants to watch!


Made some tweaks!

Nice! Very well done!

Fun game!! Here's a video if anyone wants to watch it! =)

Played it all the way through this time!

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I loved it! I need help finding the other picture pieces though  -__-

Always gotta have evidence!

I wanted to see what would happen if I ran towards her haha.  Here's the video!

Super interesting concept.  It got real trippy there for a minute!

Super interesting game! Very unique! Keep up the great work!

Okay, I said I would beat it and I did, here's the video!

I had a feeling the problem was walking backwards!!!! I'm definitely trying again until I beat it.  I really liked this concept.  A+ work and thank you so much for the sub! =)

Yes yes yes!  Great work!

I had fun!!

Here's the link to my video is anyone is interested! Keep up the great work!

I loved it! I thought it was funny and well done! I love that you added the Grinch in there too!

YESSSS!!!! So good!