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I could easily play a whole game of this. So disturbing! Great Job!

I thought the game was cool.  I think it was consistently interesting and  there were no boring parts.  I, personally, didn't notice any bugs and I think the graphics were good.  Overall, it was really well done!


Great job on your first game!

Gave me a nice little scare haha

I liked the first chapter and I knew that I'd like this one too! Great job dev!

I had such a hard time controlling her.  I will definitely have to get a controller to fully play this game! But, I got the hang of it a little bit and of course I made a video =D DUH!  I really liked this game.  It reminded me a little of Rule of Rose which I love.  Digging the graphics as well.  Nice job!

I love puzzles.  I would play a full game.

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FLAWLESS RUNTHROUGH haha, Here's my video =D

I loved how the game looked but I wanted MORE as far as the story goes! I also would have liked to see the monster? at the end.  Great job overall!

I really liked this game even though it made me SO MAD!

I liked this game a lot! I love the 80's style.

It's impressive that this is made by a 15 year old!  Great game! Keep up the stellar work!

Awesome idea for a game! Music was solid haha.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Awesome work!


Here's my video for this game! 

This game is very interesting.  There is not much to it yet it is able to deliver a very creepy vibe.  I liked it, personally.

I played this last year so why wouldn't I want to play it again?!

This was extremely creepy.  I am going to have nightmares.  Great job!

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This game got me pretty good in the end. Nice Work!

You got me! lol

I thought this game was fun!

I got mad at this game haha

That little dude gave me the creeps.

I wanted to play more.  I think 4 more puzzles would have left me satisfied haha

Two thumbs up!

Here is my playthrough as well as my rendition of No Scrubs lmao

I had fun! I couldn't crack the phone code, though.