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I wish there were a few more "scary" parts but overall, it was a good game!

This was a fun, spooky game!

I liked this game even though I got stuck in a dark room lol

I played it on Windows.

Holy shit hahaha I'm cracking up at this.

I love these kinds of games!

Regardless, the game was still really good! 

Yes yes yes! I loved the atmosphere of this game!  I agree that the optimization needs work but the good definitely outweighs the bad. 

UMMM This was quite interesting!

Not at all! You can share it all you want! 

I really loved this demo! Keep up the great work!

Okay, so I know I already did a Let's Play on this game BUT it was driving me nuts and I had to finish it. Soooo, here is the full game!

I gave it a go!

I had fun with this one!!

Whoa. Super trippy.

I liked this game but DAMN it was frustrating! Someone PLEASE tell me how to do the she

lf puzzle!!!

This game was really fun!!!

I totally loved it!

I made another video to redeem myself haha.

Okay, I finally came back and played the whole game this time (for the most part) =)!

I did a video on this game if anyone wants to watch!

That music creeped me out haha.  Here's my Let's Play video of the game with a review at the end!

This game was so fun!!! It made me nervous haha

Full critique/review at the end! =)

Clever game!

Very creepy.… I felt bad for the character. Nice work!

I left a review at the end! Nice work!

Love the demo but I was a little confused as to why I was unable to kill the enemies.  I fired probably 10 shots into one of them and they still did not die. Halp!

I liked this game!

I love the old school style graphics.  The game ran really smooth and the environment was eerie! I give a short review in the end of my video.  Keep on keeping on! Great job!

I did a "Let's Play" for this.  Here's the video!

My full review is at the end of the video.  Nice work!

Check out my "Let's Play"

Truly disturbing.  Great work!

I can't wait for the full release! Stellar game!

Thank you for making this game! I love games like this one!!

This game had a lot of feels.

IT WAS SOO GOOD.  I can't wait!

I wanted more of this game!! The design was really nice and I loved the eerie feeling that it gave me.  I kept feeling like something was behind me.  Great work!!

I don't normally play games that are set up like this one, BUT I enjoyed this!