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Thank you!

I....don't get what color the hair colors are supposed to be? Or at least the first four ones....馃槄

Hello! I love this game already, I can't wait for more! I just have a question, Is it possible for even our mother to call us by our nickname or is it always our names that she uses? not trying to be rude, it just feel weird to be called by the supposedly original masculine name of the mc after I made sure their nickname was feminine. I hope that made sense...

um...I'm not sure if this was a bug or not so I'm just going to point it out just in case but when I got to the praying scene with Lune the first time the mc prayed to jupiter for strength and I got an achievement about lightning powers but when I replayed and made different choices my mc prayed to Eris for cunning but I didn't get any achievement this time. good game by the way, I'm already in love with the mc.

Can I just say I hate the mc father! he's such a hypocrite! good game though. I hope it updates soon.

Yay!!馃ぉ I've been looking forward to this day for a while now!鈽 I'm going to play it now, thanks for your hard work!!!馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃コ

Hello! I'm a big fan of tros so when I first saw there was a sequel I was on cloud nine! I always buy games after they're finished though so I wanted to hold on until then but when I played the demo I just couldn't even though my favourite characters are leo, charlotte and fredrique who aren't released yet. So I went ahead and bought the Early Access, Lol! I just have one question though since I've never done this, I'm not sure how this work. will I have to buy it again to play the other routes when it's finished?

ps. thank you for being born and making such a gem!

she's so beautiful, elegant and cute! there's no way anyone can resist that!

haha, it's so funny how she began insulting the  mc out of the blue like that. To be honest i'm not taking her seriously at all that i find her kind of cute, like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

It's definitely not just you! I have a feeling they're actually the same person. 

I can't play the demo馃槬 when I open the game it works but there's no text, only the word French everywhere instead of the actual text. It's even like that for the options. I tried installing the game again to see if it'll work but it didn't. 

 I can never get Daire waking nightmare ending even though my design and trust stat are maxed because apparently I didn't make kaiser coat but to do that I need to have my design stat at 150 so I don't get why I can't make it when that stat is already maxed. I'm able to make the first coat he ask of me but then toward the end of the game he comes again asking me to make him another thing then I never see him again which make me unable to see some events on August because I wasn't able to get the kaiser coat success on July 26 even though on that day I specifically chose boutique as destination and had my design stat maxed!!!!! If someone could help me I'll be eternally grateful! Seriously I had to replay Daire route 5 times already thinking I made a mistake somewhere but I always failed because of kaiser coat!!! 鈽癸笍