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This looks incredible!! I’m so psyched to start playing. Congrats on shipping!

Awesome to hear! Looking forward to what's next. :)

The music is rad, and the interpretation of the theme is unique! There haven't been many entries about cyberspace :)

My favorite part might be the introductory sections teaching how the game works.

Hey thanks for playing! And that's a great suggestion, revisiting with more illustrated endings would be much better :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the somewhat arbitrary event logic!

Thanks for playing, and the feedback! Building up the puzzle-y aspects sounds like a great idea.

Ah no worries, I had a great time playing. The harshness was just that I could see that it would take several more sols of doing the same task to open the last room, and it felt a little repetitive. It would be less so over a few different sessions though I was so invested in seeing where it was all going :)

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I really love the music in this one, it fits the contemplative mood of picking up rocks. Collecting [spoilers] for [TOP SECRET] was maybe a little harsh, though the jokes were fun. I'm still wondering just how much power the base must require~!

This game is fun, and a great example of Gameboy Soul! I laughed out loud at the combo sound effect as well.

This is extremely clever! I really like the wall movement mechanic and how its used in the different scenarios.

Short, innovative, and full of character! You’re continually pushing the platform to the limits and it rocks! I loved this one a lot. 

This game put a smile on my face in the most unexpected way. I do have a few memories that I'd forgotten! Thanks for making this!

This game is fun! Punishing but manageable with the dodging mechanics.

Hey thanks for playing! And that's great feedback, I'll add a little pause there to make it more satisfying.

congrats!! So psyched for this. :)

So good! And I am so bad at this!