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Katsume Adachi

A member registered Sep 06, 2016

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The game is really funny and well made. Absolutely loved it!

Your game is a MASTERPIECE. I loved everything about it - the graphics, the story. Pure perfection. I can see some clever metaphorism there - bad lord is trying to turn Isela straight, like homophobes often do. Fluffy and Dusty can be portrayed as Gwyn and Isela's creations (perhaps children?). Also, the whole adventure seems to be a hard process of accepting your sexuality. Thank you for letting me experience this amazing story.

So far I haven't seen anything suspicious, but I'll definitely let you know if I find any bugs or glitches :-)

Yep, the mysterious character told me at the end of the game that there are things I haven't discovered yet. I have to see them, since I love secrets! Good luck with the game development, it could be really something big. I'll let all my friends know about it!

I absolutely love your game, it is so fresh and unique! I would only change the main character's movement speed so she could walk a little bit faster and make access to "look at", "touch" "talk to" and "move to" buttons a little bit easier. It would be great if you could select them with 1,2,3 and 4 on your keyboard.

That's adorable. I would really like to see the whole product. Did you make the graphics? It looks amazing :)