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honestly if you can't get a bank card to buy games from itch you probably shouldn't be playing this type of game in the first place

Sweet, thanks for the response!

Any idea when the game might be complete? I got it some time ago but was planning on waiting for everything to be done, so I don't need to play half of it and then halt progress until the next update

Got this through the bundle some time ago and just got around to playing it. While it took a little bit to get going, once it did the story was incredibly captivating and was supported by unique characters. The art, while a little inconsistent at times, was pleasant to look at and helped pull everything together with the great backgrounds. Incredible work!

An amazing little game, kept me captivated at every second. Incredible work from everyone who helped make it :)

Does anyone know where the save files are located? I plan on doing a fresh install for my computer and don't want to lose all my progress