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Having played most of my life in 800x600 on a 1080p screen, i know the feeling. I'm working on a resolution selector and i'll try to add it. Thanks for letting me know.

Hey thanks for checking it out!

Hey, sorry to hear the game didn't run well. Sadly the lowest graphics setting is literally as low as it is possible without changing the resolution.  But thanks for checking it out anyway!

That's because on the old versions of the game the default sensitivity in settings was set to 0, which you have to change to be able to move the mouse. It's fixed since update 6.8 or so.

Not currently no, but you can download version 6.4 where you can play with the extras.

Sounds amazing, going to go work on that right now.

Ayee it's my mans thanks for checkin it out

I already said thanks in your comments but thanks again for checking it out!

Hey thanks for checking it out, and yes there will be updates until I release version 1.0.0. And after that's released i already have ideas for DLCs.

Heh thank you too

Hey thanks for checking it out, amazing video!

Click download and download update 6.4, i think that one should still have the extras

Extras are removed for the time being since I'm reworking the map. But don't worry, they'll be there in version 1.0.0 and older!

Thanks again man!

Big thank you for checking it out! Also for everyone reading this, i fixed the problem with the default settings being 0.

Yes! Thank you!

epic gamer victory royale 

Thanks, I'll increase the map size and add more content soon.

Thanks, i'll add an objective somewhere in the corner so you can see objective.

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for makin this