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Hey awesome, thank you for taking the time to track this down. I'll see what I can do to reproduce this on another computer, I haven't seen this at all on mine.

Windows 10? 11?

Hmm. Were you holding them down? Each *press* of W will increase the speed of the car. If you press it five times and start looking around, does the car begin to accelerate? 

Hey, glad you had fun with it! I might revisit Lair Inc later this year!

Hey sheep and game dev is a pretty broken combo given that it's made out of a self-replicating common and an uncommon. It was strong before the game dev buff, but now it's ridiculous.

Amazing. I am made whole by this incredible work of art. Jane Austen, move over.


Hi K,

That's odd. I use Firefox and haven't run into that. I also just increased my font size to see if that's the culprit. Are you on Windows or Mac? Anything else out of the ordinary in the way you're using it?


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Hey, here's a ship to get folks started! Come and take over where captain Vietro Wentaz left off. Upload it to the game and do some writing. When you're done, export the update ship, upload it somewhere and post the link in this thread!

I uploaded the ship to Pastebin. If you have suggestions for a simple and easy way to share ships, let us know.

Download it here:

Nifty! I found him, that seems like the end.

Have you tried Construct? Seems like it's what you're looking for in terms of draw and code.

I was messing with MAST in this LTS version and got a giant pink rectangle when I deleted MAST.

Also, there was a strange bug where trees and crates were spawning half in the ground.