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Katie Rodante (npkate)

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That legendary fish is hard to catch, but this was fun to play. Cheers!

What a cute game!

Both simple and brilliant - this game is a whole lot of fun.

This was quite fun and so immersive! I loved the story, the mysteries of the world, and the characters! Great game :)

Really enjoyed this.. great humor, fun nostalgic feel, and intriguing (yet morbid) plot. Long live metal!

Such a sweet story!!! I loved all the characters, the humor, everything! Just feeling so much awwww right now.

So fun!! My high score is low, only 38, but I really enjoyed playing your game. :)

What a cute game! Love the art, music, and of course swatting at magic-animated veggies. :P

It's harder than I expected (turns out I'm actually quite terrible at it!) but very fun to play.

Thank you so so much!!!

As someone afraid of the ocean, this game plays out one of my biggest (unreasonable) fears! Very fun, loved the story and art. :)

thank you!!

Thank you! & Me too :)


thank you! :)

This is a good first game! Cute, good story, lovely to play. :)

Thank you so so much for playing, and for your feedback too! I'm glad you liked the game :)

I absolutely love this game. Gorgeous graphics, intriguing characters + storyline, plus it's really chill and a great way to relax.