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Katie Benson

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Thank you for joining Christine once again. It certainly felt like the right time for this chapter, but I was determined to include a little hope (mainly for my own sake!)

This is so much fun. I love the characters! Can't wait to see the finished version

What a lovely comment, thank you! I'm looking forward to working on Part 2, but it might have to wait until after IFComp2020...

Sure, bring on the drinking and bonking!

Hey everyone, if you need a tester for your choice-based game, let me know here or on Discord (KatieB). Twine is my engine of choice (pun NOT intended; puns just seem to follow me around), but I might be able to help with Ink and Bitsy too. I'm an experienced writer and proofreader, plus I really want those sneak peeks of your creations :)

Happy jamming!

Congratulations to everyone who took part. I loved seeing the variety of styles and approaches, and it was a pleasure to be in such creative company. Thank you for a fab jam

Oh hey, thank you for the really thoughtful comments! I definitely need to polish my syntax and consistency for a nicer user experience, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game and connected with it. Making something like this is also a little therapeutic for me as a Brit!

It scares the heck out of me too! Thank you for playing 

Far too topical for comfort! Thank you for playing