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super cool game and concept!! i'm excited to see where this goes! (i think nalis is neat too tehe)

WOAH just saw that ep 2 was out and i played through all of it and it was so good!!! I'm really curious to see where this story will go, especially with the other characters bc there seems to be something else going on that mc doesn't know about... 

Also, if it's not a spoiler, do the meetings with Z at the bar happen on the same day as the things happening before? Like does the last meeting with Z when you play the game with them happen on the same day as meeting that southern cowboy dude? Or is the timeline all funky? It was a little hard for me to understand that part, but it didn't take away from the game at all! Just curious <3

I absolutely loved this game!!! I totally binged Chris's route in basically one sitting today and was not disappointed. All of the work put in really shows with just how much you can do, I really felt like I was in an mmo. The characters as well were so well written and had so much dynamicism to each an every one, not just the ROs! The world and characters, plot and immersiveness were all so well done and I loved every bit! Another thing is that I usually tend to save at certain decisions and then go back and change them later but with this game I decided to just go with my initial choices and see where they take me and I was very happy with the ending I got and with simply enjoying the story as it went along. Just overall an amazing job and I will definitely either be playing this again or looking at whatever else you create!!! Much love <333

really promising start! I think all of the characters are very fun and well developed so far. The story is interesting and compelling, and the art style is to die for! looking forward to what comes next! <3

I just finished this game today and omg I am so in love. Just all of it completely took my breath away and i could not wait to keep on playing. Absolutely amazing story and art. Just overall a wonderful experience!!!!! <3

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okay nvm I got it thanks to a post from above. Thank you!!!!!!!

the third ending for Jak and Dijon happens if you choose Dijon and then let the next timer that appears run out!

I believe Bastard's second ending is through the Dijon vs Jak event. So you have to say nothing when they make you choose, then some stuff should happen between Jak and Dijon, and then Bastard shows up!

I absolutely adore this game!!! It is so well written and I love all of the different achievements! 

One question though, I am having trouble getting Jed's second achievement. I have tried sleeping with Jak, then Mags. Sleeping with Jed first, then Jak, then Mags. And I've tried sleeping with Jade in between jak and Mags but all I get is either Jed ignoring me or telling me to go away. Any help would be absolutely appreciated! I might be able to help with some of the other endings too if anyone need it. Thank you! :)

very fun! i really enjoyed all the characters and the environment was very spooky

love this so much!!!! just all of it was incredible and so much fun to read. i loved getting to know all the characters and fall in love with both otmund and rein. absolutely incredible!!!

this is literally incredible!!!! The voice acting, the art, the writing, all of it is amazing!!!! Really looking forward to where it all goes!

this was aMAZING. Just absolutely incredible. I got Quest first and fell in love, but then I did xyx and not me over her sobbing! All of the routes were amazing, but something about xyx is just so sad... but also so happy and I just love it and him!!!!!!<3

(lmao posted this in the wrong place at first)