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I saw this game recommended on Reddit a few months back and bookmarked it. Yesterday, I finally got around to playing it. This game hit close to home, as someone who is very inexpressive, this game was one of the few that able been able to make me cry. The story is short, powerful, and devastating. After about 2 minutes of playing the game, I was immediately attached to Jamie. Her story and experiences, especially with other with other people resonated with me. I wanted for her to just feel a little less pain. I'm bad with reviews and don't want to spoil the ending so, i'm just going to say that I love your work and can't wait for more. I'm also going to recommend this game so someone might have the chance of experiencing it as well. Thank you.

Such a cute and wholesome story! I loved how you developed the characters.  The foreshadowing was also a nice touch! 5/5!

Such a solid platformer, Good controls, not too challenging (which is good cuz I suck), and fun music! 5/5

I love this game. I really like how you focused on all the confusing thoughts going through you head all the time. - That sounded Weird

Anyways I really liked the game. I cant wait for it to be finished!


Love the game in the characters! I played every route and made sure to kick Baren in the crotch as many times as I could! Good luck on making the game!

Yeah, I just played the game yesterday. And I totally shipped Akarsha and Noelle. I also get what you mean by it changed your view on life and how you miss it when it's over. I hope there is more to this amazing story!

Love the music, artwork, and the characters! Can't wait to see a full game!

Very Cute! Love the story!

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This Game mean so much to me, especially Diya cuz I'm quiet like her. This game actually kind of helped me move out of it. And I cant even say how cute it was! Thanks! This game is honesty the best thing in the world.

- Also it would be cool to see how Min/Diya's parents reacted to their relationship

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I'm surprised how many people like and disliked this game. Someone said this game was "Political Propaganda Garbage."Like chill you all.     This person worked hard on this game and your dissing it because of you political opinion.                                                                       I liked it even though Most of the views didn't follow mine.
Thank you more making it, it was  very enjoyable.

Yay, I'm so exited, thank you!

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I first played this game on a whim, just to see what it was cuz it had good reviews. I was taken back my the amazing story, lovable and interesting characters, and how cute it was!! I ended up playing all of NomNomNami's games and was blown away at how good they all were! Thanks for making them! It was so much fun. And I know everyone is asking this but was the news on the 5th game? Lol, Thanks!