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I should thank to all pigs...

Man, this game was way too scary..

Bunch of jump scares...

This game was waaaay toooo scary.....

Super nice game!!I liked the concept of this!!

Love u Slender!!

Short good game to play!!

Freash horror game no one had made!

Sad story, nice game!!

Super hardcore game!!

Surprised that game has changed lol

The fun part about this game is to make decision for u live!!

tough to play this game, but great game!

Great horror game!! I really have fun playing this game!

Noodle Poweeeeeer!!!

This game is sooo scary... play if u live horror games!!

Endless siren head...

Never open a box that is unfamiliar...

Nice horror game!!

I will quit YouTube if this happens...

Your job change has failed!!

Play this game, and u will never ever kill someone!!

I`ve never seen sadako game, so it was fre


Sooooo creepy...

I had fun playing Apex Legends in this game lol

No mercy for anybody...

this game keeps on evolving!! wanna see how it goes lol

Man, this game...freaked me out so much...

very nice story!! I really had fun!

u should listen to the sounds and the music of this game!!

I got cursed playing this game!!!!

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I wanna play the continuation!!


Man, u should be careful not to have a heart attack....

Nice short horror game!! I was curious about the last!

Nice horror game!! I freaked out!!