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A member registered Sep 07, 2022

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Nice game:)

Creepy horror game....。

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Man, this game has high quality!!

I cant wait for the full version!!

Great game;)

Maybe it`ll be a trend toilet in Japan too!! :)

Sooo creeepy!!

Nice horror game!! 

Nice horror game... :)

No way....

Gonna be an experience u will never forget....


Yo, this game had the most epic jump scare!!

No one expected this character gonna be a horror game lol

Soooo creeepy:(

Really nice horror game:)

I will never go to the department store:(

Soooo scary!!:(

I love this future game!!Nice:)

This game scared the hell out of me:(

It scared me a lot!!Nik......:(

I liked how everyone seemed happy at the ending lol

Good horror game:) Steve was the one who jumpscared me lol

Nice horror,but i want english on those memo in the game:

Love this creepy game:)

I maybe should stop

THX for watching my video!!I wasnt expecting to get a comment from the creater, so Im really happy about it!!

And really surprised to know that the ending I got was not the real ending...!!

I`ll try it again!! 

Cute game...?Naaaaa, horror game!!

Nice horror game!!Soooo scary:(

Dont wanna meet that bear anymore....

What a great horror game:)

I was expecting to play the second one!!

Nice Potrick :)

Man, this gives us education!! Kids should play:) lol

Dont look at me like that!!!

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I wont meet potrick again....

nice scary game:)

Damn soooo scary!!

Nice and creeeepy!!

I love the quality of the dot illustration:)

And of course, cute characters! 

Great horror experience!!

Merry Christmas to everyone:)

Nice Spongebob horror!!

Imagine that u are in this death game...;(

No way...