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Aw, thank you! I'm glad you're having fun with it, here is one of the revised version that I was linked a few days ago, looks very neat. There've been a few kicking around but with the first wave of blog shutdowns after the G+ demise (wow, that was so long ago!) I haven't kept track, I'm afraid.

Oh, thank you for sharing! What fun!

Oh! My apologies on the delay in responding here, we're winding down summer.  The "genre appropriate" part is intended to be repeated at each benchmark (30, 40, etc) with a new event each time; it's the "build up" and "plot thickening" part of the game, where your character demonstrates who they are. Think the part of a detective novel where the detective is (one) interrogating a witness and finds a flyer for a bar, then (two)  goes to that bar to find a clue that points to their client, then (three) confronts the client at the manor but they're (gasp) dead. Each is very much an event that is genre appropriate/tropey, but the order is open for you to tailor to your genre and your story, based on what's already happened.

Yeah!!! It's so satisfying when all the pieces conspire to make you do the hard thing or the exciting thing, not the easy thing, haha. And yeah, you're spot on, it's all about the story you want to model and the way you'll personally get there! 

Yep, I usually cancel out 1 for 1 -- it's a very additive & subtractive system (comparatively). Ultimately I'd say (with the benefit of hindsight/more play that's drifted) that looking at the fiction first ("which of these aspects is really the most important to model? impacts this moment most?") is the quickest/easiest bet, but there's a certain satisfaction from assessing all the details and letting them model what happens, too.

I'll add it to the errata/to do, thank you so much for the feedback! And welcome to the hobby. :)

You start with an empty 6x6 grid, seed it in the pre-game, and fill it in fully as you go. You can definitely seed it up front with things that occur to you in character generation, or just roll straight on one of the given Motif charts if you feel like yours isn't ready to roll on! Usually I'll do that if I have fewer than 6 to work with, but most often I don't need to dip into it much for the first scene or two, and those provide a lot more motifs to work with. Hope that helps! :)

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Oh, thank you! :)

Hey, congrats!!! Tables look super useful!

Glad to hear it! I also found I couldn't stop churning out cool ideas with it-- it's fascinating how it just seems to come together. Have fun and happy holidays!

Awww, thank you so much! I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

None of my own, but I found this through redditThe Gardens of Ynn & PET

... and I'm absolutely delighted someone enjoyed it that much! Ha. Never thought to google it before.

Fun will happen! :D It should be all really compatible. I tend to use Mythic's oracle more than the full framework, but PET is intended to be usable in full or in part, with whatever systems and add-ons you please (with a little experience and tweaking).

If it's to mark up and play on the spreads, copy paper should work, no problem. The stiffer outer shell is just to serve as a "folder" for the spreads, which are ordered to be kept loose/unstapled for duet play, so any heavier paper should work fine there! 

Fixed some reported resolution issues; file size went up. :/ Also fixed up a table that I wasn't satisfied with, made some typo fixes, and added a few more peeps to the acknowledgements list up front.