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So I started playing, seems really interesting so far...and then I got stuck, lol. I got into the storage room but there's no dialogue when touching the crystal, it just tries to get me to use an item I don't have

Glad to hear it! Otherwise, I definitely saw potential here. You know how to create and play off tension

This was a good demo, but my main issue with it is the lighting. The mansion is so ridiculously dark and the phone light so ineffective that it just feels fake. Horror needs to exist naturally, without changing how lighting actually works to generate it artificially

Loved it! This was existential af

I'm a big fan of eldritch horror, and this hit perfect. Her obsession slowly turning manic feels so tangible, and visually it's really good. Do you have a gallery of your artwork by any chance?

Very excited for the next chapter! I've become very engrossed in this story, and in how your stories tie together

A very solid game and story, thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended

Looking forward to it!

Chapter 1...yea I definitely hope there's more, because this just had me going "What?!" at the end, lol


Literally a masterpiece of writing, art, characterization, and narrative flow. I don't know what more I can say, except that this has raised my bar for visual novels extremely high

I never expected anything on here to hit like that, and I wasn't ready for it. I've had plenty of things touch on personal traumas, but something about your approach is just...different.

Truth is, your writing is pretty brutally amazing, and I look forward to more.

I think I was too raw when I wrote my first review, and I'd like to try again.

As someone who is not only intersex but has also been on the receiving end of abuse, SA, invalidation, and gaslighting, I think this game hit a lot more personally than I wanted it to, heh, but I'd say that's a credit in its favor.

I do have conflicted feelings, but I don't think it's any fault of the writing. I rate the artistry, presentation, pacing, and atmosphere very highly.

That really made me smile

fucking Keith

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Ah, thanks! Okay, finally finished the demo

given what I've seen of comments from others, some pieces of the last puzzle in the demo might need work, but otherwise, this game is really good

me neither, I think the game might be accidentally unplayable

I know there's something under the tiger rug, but I have no idea what to do about it. I've read the clue and see the color order, but that's another stump, it only shows three colors but the mask asks for four parts. I'm definitely going to need more help because I'm seriously stuck

This game is really good! The design and atmosphere are top notch. I might suggest lowering the rain volume a bit, but otherwise, this has been very solid. Unfortunately, I have hit a roadblock

I've gone over the bedroom and bathroom a million times, and have no idea what to do next. I've found "get" "ofblood" and "youcan", and I've got the small key, but it doesn't go to anything in those rooms or the library. Hard stuck. :/

This game has been excellent so far. Lots of character interactions and the aesthetic is top notch! Literally the only complaint I have is that sometimes the quests are a bit obtuse (like the yellow card quest)

Absolute gem. Good characters and environments. Looking forward to the full game!

If it wasn't for having to do that chase sequence at least a dozen times only to get...that...I would have given this game a higher rating. The setup and atmosphere to that point was great. But without a

Very promising so far, looking forward to a full story!

Absolutely brilliant and well-crafted slice-of-life horror.

Oh my gosh YES

This was so good, and I would very much love to see more!

So happy to hear this! The bedroom alone was worth the download, such excellent aesthetic and atmosphere

Unfortunately, whatever trick you tried to do with the lighting is making the game almost unplayable, which is a shame because you have some great designs here

Just tried it, got the white screen

I...can't figure out how to get out of the first room, haha. I found the paper talking about "where darkness subsides" but have no idea what to do

So I downloaded and tried it out, still has the problem of the mouse pointer remaining on screen, unfortunately

Windows, please!

Download please, browser version has cursor issues

Good setup on the story and characters, and the one adult scene thus far was actually pretty amusing. Keep it up!

Going forward, I would love to see portraits for the characters talking, and quest tracking would also be really nice

glad I could help!

Ran into that error when going through the bookcase on the downloaded version, caused a game freeze

is there any way to set the movement to WASD?

Please do more! This setup is amazing, and you've got such a great grasp of atmosphere and context!

Also, my theory is that the man in the attic is actually from the painting that was on the floor. :D

Really good stuff! I love the characters and story, and the world seems very fleshed out.

I did run into a bug that blocked progression though, when I went to get the book at the bar, as the old man leaves, the game just locks up and I can't do anything.

Really loved the story and characters! Unfortunately, I couldn't continue due to a game-breaking bug. When you leave the shop after beating the weird sister, you spawn out in the water and can't move

What little I've seen has me very eager for more!