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short but cute and really fun to play!

once again I love how you innovate new systems for games, in this case, the argument system

solid puzzle design and visuals, and a sweet, wholesome story to boot!

really well done

your horror work shows great promise! the subway ride itself is what impressed me the most

I'd love to see what you could do with a dimly-lit parking lot and a midnight run to a convenience store, something like that

looking forward to more from you

it would be nice if you could pick up batteries or if the flashlight lasted longer than 10 seconds

that was...actually really good

I appreciated the tension, the mystery, and the general weirdness of it all

well that was...exceedingly hot, hehe

not bad! nice little horror treat, really liked the atmosphere

the best word I can use to describe this game is...perfection

the writing is excellent, the visuals are creepy, the atmosphere is just right

definitely keeping an eye out for more of your work!

short but solid! good use of mechanics

I'd love to see you produce a full game

bug: If you talk to the agent on the left side you get stuck in an infinite loop

fun game with solid mechanics!

I appreciate a good troll game, but only when the controls are tight

character is squirelly as heck, slides off platforms, jump can be unreliable

mostly just very frustrating to play due to badly-controlling character

What a really well-done little game!

Simone's story made me sad tho

interesting premise with good visuals and atmosphere, but the game is held back by some repetitive mechanics and unclear progression

this got a smile

Unfortunately, the fact that you can only pick a book up once makes this game a real dud

Finished. Fun distraction!

This is so sad and sweet and wholesome

Thank you for making this


Seriously, what more can I say 🧡

I actually cleaned the room, lol

This is very good. Short but to the point with a great visual style.

Played it, loved it, hoping for a sequel! This game is such a massive vibe, and a pretty realistic depiction of most house parties I've been to, lol

I really like this! The interactions (like climbing a rope) could be a little fiddly sometimes, but I enjoyed the game and the visual style. Looking forward to more from you <3

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