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Added you to  my follows!

On a bug reporting note, I did run into a couple spots where the collision was broken, but it didn't affect gameplay.

I am not even close to being high enough for this game.

Pros: The intro and the story are great! Intense, surprising, gets you hooked instantly. I would love to see where this narrative goes.

Cons: The combat, definitely. Insanely hard. Needs to be toned down a lot. My only other complaint is a minor one, I don't feel the main character's outfit works. She should definitely look more modern.

Pros: The characters and story thus far are excellent, really solid use of environments and atmosphere, and everything works as a visual and narrative piece.

Cons: The gameplay. The constant "chase scenes" are obnoxiously muddled and difficult. It's just been reset after reset for each one.

Conclusion: I would be much happier if I could experience the narrative and character development without these annoying and rather pointless chases. As a story, it's really solid. As a game, it's very weak.

Entered the room with the fireplace on the first floor and got stuck, doors wouldn't work. :/

Good art, good story. Even the character abilities were interesting

Loving the concept and the game so far! Looking forward to more shenanigans :D

"Play my favorite song to enter" - and then the game locks, lol

cute game tho!


I really appreciate your take on the horror genre, and I look forward to seeing more from you!

Honestly? I think the CG scenes are secondary to the excellent sprites and maps. Wandering around those environments was a treat, and I would love to see more of it be interactable. Solid start!

Hungry for more of this story too! Your writing is consistently good

This was a really good premise! I'd love to see where you go with it

Really good story and characters! I got incredibly wrapped up in it and have been playing for days. Had some laughs, smiled a lot, very impressed! Engaging quests and plot hooks, and I can't praise the writing enough

I...did not realize there was a story mode, haha. I'm been grinding the game on the hard difficulty apparently, and boy was it hard...but I got praised at the ending for beating it without story mode, so there's that

This was...about as flawless as a prologue could be. Absolute 10/10 for story, characters, visuals, sound design, everything.

I was also deeply impressed with the attention to detail, like the maids working in the kitchen.

Looking forward to the English version!

Figured it out and got the (in my opinion) good ending.

Really cute little story, I liked it! Looking forward to more from you. <3

I liked (most of) the characters and setting, both very good, and all the designs seemed on point. Combat was pretty straightforward.

That said...not a fan of the story. The fact that princess holy gets to, No matter what you do...feels terrible. It's like the cheating NPC created by the Dungeon Master of a bad D&D game. Also, so much is handwaved just to move the plot along.

That said, there's enough promise here that I suspect your future works will improve in both content and story beats.

Loving the game concept, but gah, already stuck!

I can't figure out how to open the door 3rd level down in the tower that says you need help to do it

As others have said, I would love for some music to break the silence, but I'm a fan of the story! This is exactly the sort I was looking for too, kind of that "lonely female protagonist finding her way" vibe. I hope you eventually do make the sequel!

I got the guy out of the well, and now I have the rat, hammer, hook line, and scroll...and have no idea what to do next. I swear I've used every item on every character x_x

Really entertaining game, and I like the humor!

Your translation work seemed very solid, as far as I could tell

A really cute and surprisingly long story and that karaoke was so adorable!

Very cute and fun game! I enjoyed the story and found the lore interesting

Short, sweet, and sad. Absolutely loved the art and their story. The house being demolished as the narrative push feels like such a metaphor.

I really like both Helen and the game so far. Fun and engaging! Hoping to see more from you.

So I downloaded a game that I thought was just gonna be erotic shenanigans, and instead I got that and a fantastic story! Seriously, I played this for like 3 hours the night before, went to bed, woke up, went right back to playing. All for the story. Plus the art and design are great on top of that!

Absolutely top tier.

Really enjoying this so far! I like that a lot of the lust bonuses are gained from exploration, which makes exploration feel rewarding (and fun).

The art and character design are great, and I'm looking forward to more!

I like the story and the character, and the art is good, but can I suggest making the game just...less tedious overall?

Same, I literally can't get past the first soldier fight because the timing and coordination is so insanely hard.

As was pointed out by another reviewer, the difficulty of combat is way too high. I can't even beat one soldier. The combat system is extremely hard to time.

This was so much fun! The art is great as is the game design. Simple, silly, sexy, entertaining. I really enjoyed working in the shop and the whole beach adventure. Looking forward to more!

(also, am I the only one who went out of her way to get caught by everyone? haha)

cool, thanks!

This game showed great promise and looked really good, but once I got outside my controls basically stopped working. I was either drifting everywhere or unable to move at all. :/

Solid demo! The mechanics felt tight and clean, and the environments looked good

This was an incredibly charming game. I got to make a bunch of friends, organize a jam, get trolled by a secret, and so much more! The characters were wonderful. Literally nothing bad to say, just all praise for this

That was really well done. I loved the atmosphere and the message.

What sizes do work? I've been trying different ones and can never get the inventory to show

Glad I followed you then :D