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Very very nice game.

I had fun with this game.

I found it good, but came across a couple of bugs. One of them kinda stopped me from finishing the game.

It actually liked it. It was fun.

I really liked the game . It has a cool Style and a creepy story. Got 2 endings.

I liked it. Was sometimes creepy. The game has some cool puzzles,  atmosphere and sound effects. Plot twist is also there.

It's a solid good horror game. But i would like it to be a bit more unique. 

It was fun to play.

A funny little game.

I think the game needs some work.

It was a cool and unsettling horror game.

Very cool from what i saw in this demo. Looking forward to the full release.

That was really good.

Really liked the game.

Interesting game.

Well made game, but not my thing.

It was a very cool episode. Keep it up. needs a lot of work.

Interesting game.

Interesting game.

Tiny Bunny community · Created a new topic Love it!

Check out my playthrough of the first episode.

Short and sweet game. Got me panicked.

This game needs work...but it could be not bad. 

Beautiful game. Hope to see more games from your guys. 

Ablosutely lovely. Waiting for the full version.

Liked the game. It is well made.

The game was good. I enjoyed it.

Pretty short, but it was good.

Extremely short but fantastic.

It was pretty good. Especially for the first game. Good graphics, Sound effects and scares.

My playthrough: 

Good job

It was pretty good for a game, that was made in a short period of time. Hope to see more.

I liked the style and atmosphere. Would like to play the full game. 

It was not bad. Game looks and sounds great but story is not very clear to me. Got jumpscared. 

It was a lot of fun. Truly. Catroony graphics, nice sound tracks, variety of enemies and simple, but effective combat. Nicely done.

It was interesting, but i could not finish the game unfortunately.

It was a lot of fun.

Brilliant. It is so different, but so beautifully made. Looking forward to the full game.

Pretty good game. Nice graphics and sounds. Scares got me good. I did not finish the game though.

Interesting game.