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Sheol community · Created a new topic Nice game

The game needs a bit more work, but it was a good one. 

It made my day. The video is stattery, because of discord, for me it was running just fine though. 

Very spooky and extremely weil made. I liked it.

That was cool. Not always clear what to do nex

t but still very nice.

I liked this game. Creepy and unique.

We actually had a lot of fun with this game. Nice style.

Wow. That was fantastic. Loved it.

I dont even has a cool visual effects and style, but not sure if i won or lost.

Was actually pretty cool.

And now we used cheat Codes. But one does not work properly.

Absolutely loved  it. Looking forward to the full game. was a lot of fun. And yes, we figured out how to play this game in the end pretty much.:)

I liked this game. Simple and nice.

Wow. That was great. Very atmospheric. It has been a while since the game got me that good. 

Wow. Loved it. The game was keeping my interest and tention to the very end. I wish there would be more.

Was fun to play. Short and sweet. 

I liked it. Well done.

Really liked the game. Creepy and disturbing.

Not sure if the game has a deeper meaning or it just doesn't work the way it should.

I found the game more creepy than scary but it's not a bad thing. We had fun playing it.

I loved the Music in the game, liked gameplay itself, but this game is just too stressful for me. 

I liked the game. It has a great amb


We played this game and had a lot of fun with it. Waiting for the day 7 to be added.

Very cool. I liked it a lot.

I had fun with  playing this game. Sound effects were extremely great.

A great game. 

Amazing. Loved it.

The game is well made and i had fun playing it.

Nicely done game. Had fun playing it. 

I had fun playing it.

I had fun playing this game.

I had fun playing this game.

Thank you for the Information. I judged by what i saw in the game. And honestly i think almost every kid or teenager go through all this things you have discribed. Just some people get more traumatized than the other. 

But anyways thanks for making this game. 

Well done game...did not see such ending coming. 

It was fun.

Short but sweet.

Great game. Loved everything about it.

The game is great. Was interesting to play from the beginning to the end. Here is first part of my journey.

Nice concept. I had fun playing it. 

I liked this game.  Was interesting to  explore the room and progress through the story.