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it was a voice synthesizer from fl studio (i don't remember parameters so) + some distortion and bitcrushing

if you have more questions i suggest you to join my discord server:

discordapp [dot] com [slash] invite [slash] zRyuJzV

i don't remember that guy and please stop decompiling the game and let it go

i have already buried the game

you can recover code but you cannot recover the project because unity packs it in a way not 100% recoverable

the game's art style is fire but i feel fooled when i find so many bugs on the very first run. for example if you exit spawn point before logo animations finishes than the game will keep repeating logo. some other moment is that i got way too pixelized view. White text on bright colors looks totally not good. Especially  text on pixelized view. Anyway good work for a jam project but not a good if it was a standalone walk simulator


Sure~! Controls are easy to undersatnd but way too bouncy and loses a lot of speed when hitting something and it is annoying. Anything else is fine

Nice game but I only don't like a bit clumsy controls and everything is very bouncy but anything else is FIRE. Btw the game also runs perfectly in Windows 98. Total score: 8/10 (noice)

yayayayyyy i am spinnning !!!1!1!!!

i love 2 SPIIn n LOOOLLllllLL !11!!!

XD gooOD WeBSITE!1! 111/10 m9

After grinding for a few hours i managed to become omni powerful being (buffed all stats to max) and got the OP sword. Now whatever i touch is dead. Was it intended to be like that? Are you going to buff or at least make progression a bit harder?

Save file link:

Platform? Windows

If you play long enough and then enter a juice portal the screen becomes black except GUI .

73 deaths on casual. one trillion on normal. gg

The best part about the game is main theme! The game itself is very hard and sometimes unfair but still good. is nice.

Thanks. It works for now. By the way I came from Alpha Beta Gamer. I'll follow your updates :3

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oh thanks! by the way can you make 10 hours of that screen? it emits so much of aesthetic i want to look at it for whole eternity until the Universe collapses

hello! what is the name of music when "Insert PraySalvation disc" screen shows?

thanks! it works! the game is way too hard on the first levels but it is interesting... sad that you had to stop.

a few questions

1. Why it can't default to window mode not fullscreen? it is impossible to play the game normally in fullscreen so please add options asap

2. What engine did you use?

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Everything is fine but way too many 4th wall breaks... which is annoying

(Also would admit terribly annoying loading times, why not preloading areas?)

thanks so much!! \(^.^)/

sorry for offtop question but can I ask you how did you make screenshots on this page shake when you point at them?

sorry for really late reply. thanks for the answer!

wow thank you so much :D

I press F for you for making that cool program, I use your program instead of radio lmao :)

I want to ask you a question. Can I use samples from the "music" folder in my own game?

Good game, man!

Just comments :P

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Dude, what is the little joke in your game? I am scared to play this game after "One more time and I will show you a little joke".

Plz, answer me!

camera moves through the walls, just fix this and all would be OK

good game but please fix the girls running animation and fix some models + camera)


I wish you get 10^100 dollars