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Kat Purpy

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Hello, I used your explosion in my game Super Monkey Post Celebration Diet for death animations, I recommend you to check it out just because of the logo :)

in this case the balloon pops, water spills, water bad

they are filled with flying water, cat doesn't like water

hot water

balloons are filled with water, other red thing is water bomb but alive :D

Yet another disappointing entry, give me my money back, also extra points for background image

firefox gang here: there is no audio latency and the experience is equally as fugly as it would have been on chrome or edge

it has godot logo but made in godot and most importantly it has worst color palette one can have for a progress bar

this game is nothing but pure loading screen (disappointment which is quite fitting)

y a y

the mail didn't arrive

did you send me email? sorry i forgot to tell you but i am now at katpurpy at yahoo dot com

Interesting concept, nice execution, sadly it's not low budget in any way but a pretty competent game separately. There are some sweet flash game vibes I haven't seen and felt in a while :p. Great job!

thanks for such warm review :3

as for the sound effects i considered them but they would've annoyed people considering how many "bonks" happen per second, as you could hear i only added them on most significant events. I also didn't want to make you deaf as well because you wouldn't hear my evil laughter then xd

sadly 1366x768 is still a thing D:

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Not as low budget as I expected but a decent experience as well :p. This game is basically not a game but  an interactive-ish drawing with nice music.

Sweet little story and nice writing :D

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It looks fun to play according to screenshots but it crashes for some reason :(

EDIT: The problem was resolved in PMs

sadly my screen is too small for this game, the game seems to be fun so! Recommended

jokes on you i have autoplay disabled


wowie! thanks! i appreciate that XD. I hope you get to part 2 and defeat the great mighty poo  the toilet demon :D

also don't forget to check the reward folder, it is worth looking at once you win

send me mails on address katpurpythedev at mail dot com, to avoid spam in comments thanks

very yes

Sorry for late reply but could you try playing standalone version of the game? It definitely performs faster than WebGL version.

i would like to consider it but since you do not have discord or any other mean of operative and private messaging i do not know


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it was a voice synthesizer from fl studio (i don't remember parameters so) + some distortion and bitcrushing

if you have more questions i suggest you to join my discord server:

discordapp [dot] com [slash] invite [slash] zRyuJzV

i don't remember that guy and please stop decompiling the game and let it go

i have already buried the game

you can recover code but you cannot recover the project because unity packs it in a way not 100% recoverable

the game's art style is fire but i feel fooled when i find so many bugs on the very first run. for example if you exit spawn point before logo animations finishes than the game will keep repeating logo. some other moment is that i got way too pixelized view. White text on bright colors looks totally not good. Especially  text on pixelized view. Anyway good work for a jam project but not a good if it was a standalone walk simulator


Sure~! Controls are easy to undersatnd but way too bouncy and loses a lot of speed when hitting something and it is annoying. Anything else is fine