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Finished this game. This was fantastic, even if frustrating at times. I really enjoyed the honest afterword. Thanks for making the game!

Horny and depressing. The good stuff.

Yeah, it’s set in Singapore.

This game was fun. Thanks for recommending it.

Thank you, it’s a work I still think about :-)

This game is so beautifully styled. I adore the subtly shifting gradients and the audio cues work really well. And I enjoy the ending a fair bit.

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I know very little about addiction besides fiction and several medical details, so my thoughts will always be half-baked. Nevertheless, I found this portrayal empathetic and the allegory of knight-monster-king drives the message home for me.

I’m also fond of how the text flickers like a burning lightbulb. Almost like, addiction is a boogeyman regardless of where you stand: for the narrator, it’s the monster that tempts them; for the king and anyone else, it’s the monster that scares people away. It feels like the only way to actually defeat the monster is to understand it, to shine an actual permanent light on it and give support to the knight besides the king (who would have other obligations to do).

I thought this title was really good and I hope more people play it.

This was a wonderful and precious title that captures the awkwardness of encounters that feel like they should mean a whole lot. And yet, they are reminders of how the wrong time and wrong place make the absences and voids much stronger.

Great job, you two!

Thank you for revisiting the jam and playing this game :-)

Got through the Myka end in eight loops. The worldbuilding is really neat and I quite enjoyed the mechanics.

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I found this a difficult yet pleasing title to read in both English and Japanese. Both are different in interesting ways. This linguistic experiment is thought-provoking at the very least.

At the very end of the work, I thought the story was hard to follow but intentionally so. It reflects the fragmentation of identity, of language, and of life itself. I guess if broken memories are stitched together, one form it could’ve taken is this visual novel. Translating trauma is not an enviable task, but I think this captures a bit of what it’s like to live with one.

Anyone interested in stories exploring trauma should take a look at this game. You don’t have to love the game or the story in order to appreciate what this title is doing. There’s something lovely about figuring out what makes Ochitsubaki tick, even if everything doesn’t pan out for me. Trauma is always worth investigating and it’s likely the subject matter that requires the most experimental design anyway.

Thanks for making this game. It’s awesome.

This was wonderful.

What a beautiful, enigmatic game. This captures something beautiful about how we remember and grieve without belittling or romanticizing it. I really love this.

Wonderful title.

Really interesting parser game. It’s got a lot of personality and man, I feel bad for Kira if she feels this bad lol.

Goodbye soda…

Didn’t expect you to post a comment on this game :-)

That took me a while to write and edit because I got pretty nauseous. I think what I ended up works really well for what it is without sensationalizing what happened.

Definitely one of my proudest moments figuring this out, so thanks for playing the game :-)

Woops, I got distracted on Discord. I was going to cross-post the postmortem, haha.

Oh my god, this rules. The ending is sooooo perfect: it’s what I really want to see in a story about relationships during coronavirus pandemic – no romanticism but a longing already complicated by previous events.

I’m so glad you got this game out!

A neat modern retelling of a famous myth. The way the lines fade in and give droplets of information is really nice.

This was a fun game to test. The puzzles are pretty interesting since they ask you to explore the details of the room through restarts. Definitely looking forward to your next titles :-)

This is one of the more specific titles I’ve ever found on this site and it’s lovely. Thank you for making it!

What a sweet game.

I was wondering how the “one asset” will come into play, so when it happened, I was taken aback. Awesome work.

You might be right about making games that are more “difficult to relate to”. I remember the feeling I had when I made my first game, Hanna: I just wanted to put something out that is hyper-specific and I don’t really care if people found it “relatable” or whatever because it exists.

I’ve always been interested in reading stories where empathy is a challenge. If one is able to embrace the most unlikable characters and see what connects with them, then it becomes more than Just A Work. Most of my favorite works, especially ones on Itch, are the stuff I’ve never experienced, but I realize that’s a real and visceral event. Finding myself in different shoes is discomforting, yet it’s so familiar at the same time. That’s what I find most exciting in writing a story.

This comment is honestly enlightening. I also share the “if the story is niche and people still connect to it, it’s awesome” feeling. Thanks for writing this as well as explaining what makes the story click for you :-)

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Damn, this was excellent. Actual psychic damage.

I was talking to friends how this game made all of us feel this: we think the game might go there, the game does go there, and we’re still surprised by it.

That shows how much writing chops you’ve had. Great stuff.

I watched Runescape videos while making this game. Hope this helps.

Thank you, I like Lao Gan Ma :-)

Super Videotome belongs to a host of other engines called Videotome. I quite enjoyed working in them since it’s so minimalist. My only qualm is iOS not working with them, but oh well… that’s an issue with Apple.

Thank you :-)

I’ve actually considered using “you” as a pronoun, but I ended up ditching it because it’s so strange to see it without the ability to choose or type in text.

Personally, I enjoy writing in the second person…

This visual novel is full of moments that captivate and confuse me. By the time I was done with the story, I was left to contemplate on all these flurry of images and emotions that had remained with me. The blurring of reality and dreams here is so utterly beautiful and intoxicating.

Thanks for making it.

Thank you for the kind words :-)

Thank you :-)

It’s healthy :-)

It might be a while before I go do visual novels proper, but thank you :-)

A chilling title. Thanks for making it!

This unlocked a lot for me. I hope more people get to play trans yuri poly visual novels like this.

As an ancient queersaurus roaming the web, I’ve always wondered why my friends are into Yume Nikki. I think this game really gets to the heart of why this title matters to so many trans people. Thanks for making it.

Thank you for the kind words! And yes, I also think it’s funny I ended up using the Lao Gan Ma as a character sprite, haha.