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Himanshu Mitta

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I know it is difficult to make a complete game in such a short amount of time. For those who unable to upload on time can give links to their game page here. We will review them and still give out steam game keys if we like them.

Can you add a video or desktop port of this game? Other participants might not have Galaxy Gear and wouldn't be able to play this or vote on this.

@wolfmother Thanks for the feedback.

I had lots of features in mind while working on it, like, different types of buildings generating different resources that are required to sustain population. I also thought of roads and AI controlled traffic in between them. But due to the lack of time, I couldn't work on them art all.

Currently, player can build and upgrade buildings just by a click of button given that they have required resources. I am planning to give it a little depth. I am planning to change that into a little idle tap sub game where different types of resources are required for different buildings along with workers hired on a payroll that work when player is both online and offline. And while player is online, they can tap to accelerate the building process. This way, player have more engagement and decide to where better invest resources and hire workers for which building.

@Mojko - I know about the visuals.. didn't get time to fix them.

Objective of the game is to build more and more buildings and increase population and money :)

Graphics are by

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If anyone wasn't able to complete their game within jam time frame can add links to their game page here. Others can still play and rate the games. 

No game would go unrewarded :)