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The game is absolutely stellar. Picked it from the Playdate Catalog and I had an absolute blast. Was totally obsessed until I've beaten it.

Yes, I completely back the decision for one difficulty option. I feel that games should not be "for everyone" so it is not a bad thing if a game is not for me.

I have waited for a while to play it. Had to wrap up some titles with higher priority in my list but finally managed to get to Disharmony. I was not disapointed by the gameplay at all. It really is a rhytm game trapped in a jRPG. I love the idea really. However, I majorly suck at rhytm games, at least that is what I managed to find out. I beat the first monster, then immediately died to the second one. I managed to beat it after the respawn but immediately died to the boss. Then proceeded to bash my head at the boss for a while until I gave up and pick the "Accessibility" option. After I chose it, I found out that I was in the mere beginning of the boss. I lost about 4000 HP until I managed to beat the boss. Safe to say, it's not the game for me. I am glad I gave it a chance though. And glad I supported you, author. Props on finishing the game.

On another note, controller support completely did not work for me. I tried my DualSense and found out it just does not register inputs. However, when I tried to use Joy2Key for DualSense to imitate a keyboard, it did do that but the game also kept switching between controller and keyboard inputs as it seems that it somehow registers that there is a controller. When I tried my 8-bitdo SN30 Pro 2 I found out that it mostly works but the Cancel/Decline option does not. So I ended up playing with keyboard.

Love you guys! Wesnoth is one of the most important games in my gaming live in general. I appreciate all you did in these 20 years.

I played the demo in a periodic event of my gaming channel - called Demo Day, a year ago. It is literally one of my most waited games of the year. Awesome work!

Is this already fully released?