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you could upload a browser version since its a flash game

you can thank sweetboy music for that!

thanks scowsh, thats what most of the work went into this week, im going to try to flesh out the game mechanics for the next little bit.

thanks for telling me, ive added the controls to the description.

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in the code the two states are called "future" and "past", in some previous parts it functions more as switching between dimensions, it worked well here as difference points in time and changing important points in their history. Im glad you think its cool, i was a bit worried this mechanic worked a lot more in my head and doesn't make as much sense in game.

my email is, il email you my discord

I checked out escape stasis and it sounds very metroid, it would be great if you did some sounds for it, i plan on improving the game in a lot of other ways anyway.  

cool! il check that out, this game could use a bit of sound.

its i. thanks for telling me.

pretty cool, hard though

interesting idea although since its binary choices you can just spam click to win. also now i want to know what exactly happened at the Christmas party lol. reminds me of the louie ck animation short.

looks good now, good luck with this engine!

Ive been working on one of these too, good job on the texture mapping but i think it only draws the texture within the window which makes it look squashed.

Thanks for the feedback! I always appreciate your comments yourBr0ther.

tetris is always good.

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It was interesting enough to keep my attention for quite long time so you know. I may even pick it up again later. 

Lots of points for creativity but I couldn't beat it because I kept getting cornered by snakes.

I like the colors, they remind me of moonside from earthbound.

good colors, I can't figure out how to beat the game before running out of fuel though

pretty cool. I think you could do more with the eating  mechanic if you continued this game.

fun game, not a particularly interesting concept but there was clearly a lot of work gone into the art and feel. The game feels a lot more like a remake of binding of isaac than mario.

dang it, you stole my idea for worm odyssey

it says people rated my game but i cant see what the rating is, seems like it wasnt even intended.

I like the mechanic. The guards are pretty incompetent but they did spook me whenever they went "huh?".

cool art also the music was nice and ambient. 

I always like it when combat is based off of interesting mechanics instead of just having a sword or somethng. Nice work.

thanks for the feedback, im glad you liked it. I made sure put extra work into this one since the last one was a bit rushed.

this game uses metroidvania mechanics well. good art, but i would like it if enemys turned red or something to show when theyre being hurt.

good pixel art.

cool game, I've always liked concepts like this. it has lots of room for more puzzle. 

The game was a bit confusing but this game probably has the best art in the jam! the music was good too.

Great game, played it all the way though. Puzzle platform is my favorite genre, even cooler when they work without jumping. Best game of the Jam.

thanks, I joined the jam late so I had to rush a bit. I like the concept too so I may work on this more.

cool rhythm game

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I thought about adding attacking in the air but there wasn't enough time. Also the dinosaur is suppose to be invincible which i knew was confusing after the first enemies being able to be hit. This was only suppose to be a test level but my inexperience with flash ended up consuming a lot of time. My idea with this game was to plan attacks carefully around the slow attack so i'm glad you noticed that. thanks for the feed back.

love seeing html games

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I had the same problem when i tested it on my another computer. for some reason it worked after i restarted it though. the .jar file always worked though so il ad it to the downloads until I figure this out.

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oh yeah your right, thanks il change that.  Il try and figure out that grey screen thing but i havent gotten it on my computer so i dont know how much I can do.

pretty fun