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interesting point. there are some levels that only require the evil form so moving those earlier could make it more intuitive.

too scary

cool idea

The bigger soldiers kill the smaller soldiers you can make a bigger soldier on level 2 by using the terrain at the start which may not be obvious since its not shaped the same way. Il try adding longer music also.


cool sokoban game

this is just a demo made to test and show off this engine. I have since made actual games with it.

A big step up from automomous, should have had an ms paint drawing of 9/11 as a puzzle instead, but good rpg maker style puzzles.

Thanks for trying it out, this was kind of a first attempt at making a platformer game, I wanted to try new mechanics so Im gunna give it another shot in the near future. I have gotten a lot of feedback saying it could use more art and sound so im going to polish things up a lot more next time.

also it bothers me that the bg parallaxes but the cameras dont.

the mechanic is cool but it would be a lot more interesting if there were different enemys to compliment it since it basically amounts to clicking on the closest ones and chaining that youre score is high, its deceptively easy that theres a lot of enemys because if there werent tones of enemys it would give the turrets more time to charge there shot and since theres so many they never have time. Also im working on a game with similar mechanics so just so you know i didn't steal the idea, a demo is already up from a while ago.

I like the recharging mechanic but I dont like that you recharge by moving since it makes the recharging pointless in most situations , I think it would be a cool idea to design around getting from recharge station a to recharge station b using only a certain limited amount of movement mechanics. The falling level was cool, I love it when you're able to change the game-play significantly while keeping the mechanics mostly similar.

you can use c or p, i forgot to put that in.

why would you do that? it wasn't in ludum dare, Im pretty sure you played my game fade out though so thanks.

A couple people have sujested I make this for mobile, I may try doing that but ive never done anything for mobile so I would have to learn.  The end goal with this is for it to be like one of those old grindy flash games where you try to get every upgrade in the game.

you have to change to the other guys by clicking the button, yes, its possible to save yourself that way, but you cant kill the hero, good thinking use of the mechanics though.

you have to click the icon to switch what enemy you're using, I hate having tutorials in my games so sorry if anythings hard to figure out.

im going to be focusing on this one for the next couple days untill its done,  I dont think ive done this concept justice yet.

thanks scowsh, thats what most of the work went into this week, im going to try to flesh out the game mechanics for the next little bit.