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The atmosphere in this game is very immersive and just what I love in a horror game. My only complaints would be the mannequins look a bit goofy compared to the original ones from Urbex,  taking to scare factor down by a lot. My other "complaint" is more of just letting you know some boxes when you go through the exit are clipping through the walls. Not a big deal though. Keep up the good work! Just maybe try a different mannequin model please? 

Enjoyed the game a lot! HOWEVER, my only complaint is the house. It feels way too bland and just down-right awkward. Especially the placement of the toilet being in a different room from the sink. And the sink being in a different room than the bathtub. And is that a washer without a dryer? It feels a bit unnatural and not much like a home. Besides that, the rest of the atmosphere is good and the story-line is scary and interesting!