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I’m having problems capturing the tablet window in OBS Studio. I know the program well, and I set it to capture specific windows only. At first, it worked but now, even though I have two completely different windows captured, it only wants to show the arm side and not the tablet side. I guess OBS studio is having an issue deciphering the two windows or there’s a setting I missed?

I also experienced weird flickering on the tablet side when it did work. It would flicker black very quickly in the OBS preview on occasion.

Your sprite work is adorable!

May I ask what is the point of your black shrine growing? What else are you supposed to do other than snatch the priests up? I really like this game so far but I think I am missing something.

The download button didn't seem to work. :(

Okay. Thanks. :)

I can't play your game. When I try to run the .exe file I get error "There should be 'In Closure_Data' folder next to the executable". Can you zip the .exe and data folder together?

Bit Defender blocked your game when I tried to open it. I'm sure it's a false positive but I just thought you should know.