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Just thought of something else. Maybe the cap for the success number for any given trait to be lowered by when progressing should be 4, that way that trait is then something your character still excels at but with the bear minimum chance of a critical failure still being possible.

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Hello, solo player here with some feedback.

     I really like this RPG's concept but I also LOVE free-form magic, but I have noticed with this system if you make your character a spell-caster it leaves little room for anything else skill wise. For example why build up your strength to lift that rock when you can just lift it with a telekinesis spell? It gives your character very little room to grow and evolve as they level. I know I could just play in a setting without magic or as a magic-less character but I hope there is a better way, one that doesn't involve bogging down this sleek system with tons of rules, as that would obviously defeat the purpose of it's design.

     Do you have any insight on how to fix this problem that I'm just not seeing?

Thank you for your time.


I've got it! Spells as traits! Have your character start out with two small spells as traits, than over the course of your adventures as you master them and get more, you get  bigger and better ones! I hope this is a good idea, because I think this fits in with the intent of the game quite nicely!

Thank you.

I hope this isn't a stupid question...

Thank you.

Where do the exports go? I can't find them.

when I try to play this after downloading castles it says an unexpected error has occurred.

I get spawned off the map and have this error message:


IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Vegetation.calculateGrowthStep () (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

Vegetation.setUpVegetation (WorldTimer worldTimer, Timing.TimeCounter creationTime) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

ChunkTerrain.setupVegetation (UnityEngine.GameObject vegetationGameObject, Timing.TimeCounter creationTime, System.Boolean initCreation) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

ChunkTerrain.setupNaturalObject (System.Int32 objectKind, UnityEngine.Vector3 objectPosition, LandscapeGenerator.TerrainOutput terrainOutput, System.Boolean isVegetation, System.Single objectScale) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

ChunkTerrain.instantiateWorldObject (LandscapeGenerator.TerrainOutput terrainOutput, System.Int32 z, System.Int32 x, System.Single finalHeight, System.Single objectScale) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

ChunkTerrain.calculateTerrainPoint (System.Single xGlobal, System.Single zGlobal, System.Int32 xLocal, System.Int32 zLocal, UnityEngine.Vector3[] importantPonds, System.Boolean chunkContainsRiver, System.Boolean realPoint) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

ChunkTerrain.calculateOneZRow (System.Int32 z) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

ChunkTerrain.initialize (System.Boolean useCoroutine, PlanetHandler planetHandler) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

PlanetHandler.activateChunk (UnityEngine.Vector3 newPosition, System.Boolean useCoroutine) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

PlanetHandler.createAllChunks (UnityEngine.Vector3 position) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

PlanetHandler.updateChunks (UnityEngine.Vector3 position) (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

PlanetHandler.Update () (at <0038255cec434db5aa2c2d8f5a18cd4f>:0)

I got it to work!



Must set the Network Address field in the manager

I'm stuck on finalizing!

My purchase didn't go through and I don't know how else to contact the creator.

ok thank you 

why would I want to use loops if it only makes the audience dissatisfied?

thank you 

Whenever I make a research center the game crashes.

Ok thank you 

What is the difference between arcade mode and endless mode?

Nevermind, I got it to work.

When I click on start the head changes color, but otherwise nothing happens.

How do I enter my own seed?

Thank you!

I tried both and it still won't work!

I can't get it to fit my screen, it's too big.

Thank you.

I can't seem to land my drones on anything without crashing.