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Thank you for checking it out! I love how astrology functions as a model of understanding identity, and how many different tools people have for that exact function. How might identity flourish or be conceptualized in a world that is not ours? This is a question I come back to a lot.

ahh thx for checking it out! it was a very personal project for me

Very intense & good read. My favorite passage was The Wound but its all really fantastic writing

This is really pretty & cool. I'm excited to give this a try next time I start a game. 

I really like the idea of something being used to flesh out lingering questions through play, in a really loose style

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I've been noticing some synchronicity between certain games. Given how small most of them are, I was thinking it'd be interesting to see how certain games interact with each other.  What got me thinking of this was when I found Aspects by onlydashes.  I also made a game about gods, called Battle of the Gods, so it got me thinking: what if I combined them? 

Basically, I would play through Battle of the Gods, which creates a basic structure for a mythology, the beginning and end it foretells. And then I would move on to Aspects to fill out how they created some of the things in that world. I noticed there's crossover on certain game topics & premises, I thought it might neat to see what games people thing are compatible in that way. 

I'm very interested in getting a chance to play this! I love stuff about esoteric knowledge and occult entities and just made a twine game about that concept. I'm gonna try to pull some friends together for it sometime

yeah! i had a single file that was mostly empty that said "one move PBTA game, probably unplayable" which I can now safely say, is beginning to look somewhat playable.

this is pretty goofy but I had a dream, idk when but it was way before I knew about this jam. but in the dream there was a PBTA game where the only move was "Fight all the gods at once" - so that's what I'm making my game. That name the fact that it's PBTA was all I remember from the dream so its interesting trying to wrap a mechanic around that idea