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A member registered Jun 21, 2017

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Sounds like an awesome game! Really looking forward to the progression. These kind of games are one of my favorites. By the way, they say they most trees or bushes tend to blossom one last time, just before they die. Your game has me doing the same thing with my trees. "Oh no, I'm almost done. Let's blossom one last time..." Funny how it resembles nature ;)

The plant dies easily. I feel I don't have enough wiggle room for experimenting and trial and error. It's ruthless :P Maybe make it a lot easier and rewarding by having the values for water and energy addition increased? I can always go for a more challenging soil if I get the hang of the game's mechanics.

Also, I'd like to go back to the world map and try another soil type without having to refresh the entire webpage / game.

Really hard though. I hardly ever manage to generate any sap.

Such a great idea!

Supported! Keep developing this!