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can you add 1 keyboard 2 player support ?

the idea is nice and well realized but there isnt enough feedback for loosing coins specialy since i had to mute the tab this game was running on and burn my speakers just so i dont get ear cancer from this atrocious music  . anyway its inpressive that you managed to make a game at all in that small of a time frame and with the limitations of ludumdare .

this game would have benefited from some sound effects

can you mark your exe file as a windows exutable in the page setting , otherwise i cant  download it from the itch client

the gameplay isnt involving enough , the game basically plays itself   .  also i wish the art style was consistent , either use svg images or photos not both at the same time .

Scatteria community · Created a new topic UI bug

the gui doesnt reset properly when you restart the gam from the title screen

need to dash by holding W and clicking on the right mouse button . the rest of the controlls  are written in the bottom left of the screen.

can you map the "swap gravity" mechanic to another key ?

got stuck here

its quite confusing 

i fixed the music and remade some of the levels and added some new guns , you can play the new version here

the aiming controls dont work

can you add a tutorial?i didnt figure out how to play

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the jumping controls  needs a bit of tweaking and being invisible made the game way too brainless and sucked the challenge out of the game.