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Hey, I'm working on an Open Source Project and considered using some of your Assets for it. Is this fine under your License? It'd basically mean that we'd have to distribute a version of your work with the Source Code of the game we work on.

All in all, cool Assets :)

Thanks for the feedback! We tinkered with the controls a lot and in the end just kind of went what we came up with. That also applies to the hilarious jump mechanic. We had also planned a lot more crazy features to better fit the "Out of control" theme, but had to cut a lot due to the 48 hour time span.

Very neat concept. At some stage I think I softlocked myself in a room and could not escape anymore, but other than that a nice entry :)

The idea was nice, reminded me of "Baba is you". There was no real challenge to it though and the control of dropping blocks into the respective slots was somewhat tedious at times. Nice concept!

Seems unfinished? I am not taking damage or advance through the game. The visuals and animations look cute though and I suppose in a more advanced state of the game it would be very fun to play :)

Sadly I was not able to start the game at least in the WebGL version. Is there any way to fix this?

The game is kinda interesting and fun to play, but to be fair the weird control scheme bothered me a lot while playing (I'm aware it's part of the Theme of the Jam :P)