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love it

love it

love it waiting for third crazy crab. 

love it

love it

❤❤ حبيبيى ربنا يوفقك ومستني منك كل جديد

love it

good game

love it

done 😊

love it Iam waiting for next episode.

love it

The scariest part of the man from window game

love it

Nice game, the only drawback is that it ends quickly

Nice game, the only drawback is that it ends quickly

Good game, but I wish it contained more events. Good luck in the future

good game but need more events. 

Fun and beautiful game as always 😍❤❤

very good game Iam waiting for your next game 

An unexpected and beautiful game, I did not expect the end to be like this, and I am waiting for the next.

A beautiful story and terrifying facts about why SpongeBob turned into this shape, eager for a new part of it.

Always creative, Hazem Hossam, a very terrifying game, beautiful events, and always waiting for the next from you.

A very terrifying and fun game. I felt like I was playing Minecraft in its terrifying version. I hope to see a new part of it soon.

love it make me feel like i play original one but more horror in it gj Iam waiting for next level. 

love it Iam waiting for chapter 3  🤩
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i love it wish if it has more events but Iam waiting for next part. 

good game i am waiting for next level 3 keep it up 😍

A fun and interesting game and I look forward to the next part of it

I love all of your work 😍

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A fun game and a beautiful and unexpected story. I wish you continuity and look forward to your games.
 great thanks to hazem  hope that God will protect you and grant you all the best.

good game wish if have first person camera will be better.


I love your games very much. I wish you success always.  ❤

One of the games that I wish to play, but I do not have the money to buy it 😔

The best games from the story and very enjoyable events. 🤩
I advise everyone to buy. 
and thank you.

Combo Bomb Games

good luck in the next 😍

my dc Law#9797

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 حبيبى يا حازم 

Good luck to everyone who played it, but unfortunately, I don't have the money for it.😔

fun game  i love it

i was very sad in it but i love the game