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Kappo guy

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This game could be something more special, so here are a list of things you should add to your game:

-Better title screen - Looks bland af.

-Better controls - Feels weird to control the car in the game.

-Better visuals/graphicz - the game makes my eyes hurt.

-Objective - I don't know what the fuck im supposed to do.

-Usernames - I wanna know the names of the nerds im playing with.

-Car colors - I want a purple car plz.

-More clarification about passwords - It just says "Enter text...", it should say "Enter password..."

-Downloadable Client - It's kinda annoying to have to use a web browser

That's all, for now, I hope you may add some of these features.

On the surface it seems not. They both seem functionally the same. He might have polished it a bit more or fixed something but it seems identical.

Super Kiwi 64 is almost here. Closest thing.

Already has. In Macbat 64 you can find it in the jungle level!


So far I am getting baba is you vibes in the music and the artstyle. Love it.


Uhh I recommend downloading the game or use the CheerpJ chrome extension

Windows defender is the one which flags it

Ohhhh well what if you open it from the app? That just launches games from the app (but you have to download them again for it to work)

Its a ZIP file bro. It should allow you to keep it unless you have a virus or something

Use a zip file

Yes, you have to download the linux file or go to the Google Play store :)


Is very inspiring. The game offers so much replayability and the characters have so much character development! The plot is very interesting and the plot twist really kept me playing!