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how can somone make my sunday so much better :D 

So i can Finally write what i wanted to say.
Caribdis, ur game is ......i dont know what to say, its just WOW.

U put so much love in everything the renders the story, it got the right amount of jokes the right amount of choises, the i want to know it all, i got lost every update and got sucked into the story. What u did here is a masterpiece well balanced and well writen. 

Im so happy that i found u and ur story and im hyped for more from ur feather.
Caribdis i just want to say Thank you for ur hard work, i cant imagine how much time u put into it.

Just thank you, Keep up the work i rly loved it :)

say no more :D loading right now :D 

Np :D Was Just confused keep up the good work

is it 0.2 i unpacked it and got the 0.1 version or is it just the same folder ?

I want to rest he said and comes up with that big change :D Buddy do ur rest :P and im rly happy to hear what u are doin on the game :D Still love the game cant wait for all the new stuff

any idea when the next update will be ?

You just made my day way better :D 

uhhhh hyped

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ohh boy cant wait :D 

OH BTW if u done with this vn u have a plan for a new one ? 

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Why i think that Killer7 is one of the best vn writers?

Let me start even if the file is small like her unpacked 500mb u get alot and i mean alot. Correct me when im wrong but i think its kinda around 2h or 2,5h of contend round about and  thats alot for a 0.1.

The story i kinda fell in love with the story its sometimes a slow pase and sometimes a fast pase one , the renders holy cow they are amazing high qual and well placed.

Killer7 knows what he is doin.   I dont know what to say but well played Mr7 :D keep it going 

Ps. i know my english is kinda whaky but IDC :_D 

aww yea boy lets go

Hey there. 

Its a solid story and i rly rly like it.

But i have a but the map movement is a pain :D but otherwise the game is super cool :) 

Na thats totaly fine its like a pilot episode and thats great. It rly gives the "What will come" feelin and thats a feelin i rly love :D 

Sweet start, im interessted in more :D there are to many questions i have than answers xD 

Like the music, the renders are nice, and the story i cant tell much atm :D but the start looks promising.

Keep it up 

Buddy always remember RL and Ur own good is the first point in every list. 

I will wait Ur game is super nice and i can totaly understand Ur state. 

Keep urself good and relexed than come back. :) 

Get well soon


i Would love to play ur new game on steam but steam says NOPE not for ur country ma man

Heheh looks good but :D in main menu there is no start theres just a Star.

Im sorry :D keep it up buddy :P

Bro, team i dont know what to say

The only i can nice work. its a super funny and remarkeble story.

I just catched myself smiling alot its a super cool smooth game,

the game dont press itself on u, what  i rly like, u have the free roam experiance and also the i get more of the girls to know.

Like the pace like the style like the writing keep it up show me more? :D 

and im sorry for my english but im not a nativ speaker :P

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Like the style its a super nice game all around.

Like the renders like the story sofar cant wait for more :)

Edit: and yea maybe u should put a little helping in the puzzel from that cctv :D it took me a while 

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Sweet game:D love the story the text is a little tiny for me but its fine :P
Renders are great, well done on those.

And i have to say IT took me 30min to realise that Scarlett looks like Angelina Jolie :D was that planed?

Love it keep it up cant wait for more 

Edit: a reminder or a suggestion if u end an episode would be cool if there was like a "This is the end for know scroll back and save" that u have the chance to save xD would be cool :P 

I like the game sofar its interessting the renders are wow and man :D the story kinda sucks me in :D cant wait for more my man

i just can say the same high qual and nice fast paced story i rly like it keep it up

Renders are nice Writing is nice.

But there is some missing :D where is 0.0.2 :D  JK

na keep it up like the style of it cant wait for more :P

Well what can i say. Hmm

How long i need to wait :D to many Clifhangers here xD 

Na for real buddy writing is great, ur renders are also cool i like the style of it. 

I´m super interessted in "whats up next" u know the drill, watching first ep of a series and want more but u have to wait a week, Loved it rly.

Keep it up :) 

give it to me :D

Dam u know how to write nice update cant wait for more my friend :D 

Dam Son u know how to get me :D love it keep it up 

Sir how its lookin :) we need the 5 ma man :D 

I found a little writing fail in the new update.
When Mc Knock on the door it says "Girls can it, i´m MC" but i guess u mean "can i come in...." or was that on purpose :) Nice game so far :)  

yea just saw u need to finish the prolo :D wasnt that far because of train ride :D but thanks

How i open the save Menu on mobile cant find it

Any news about the game ?

Ahhh clifhanger dont do that to me :D 
Great start for the game cant wait for more 

im confused u updated to 0.20.0 but when i download it. its still 0.1. 

Is there a misstake or just the same name ?

Wonderfull as always. loved it  cant wait for more. 

Okay let me start. Its an interesstin style love the artwork  its cool unique, i like the build around ( fan of card games). U can tell while u play that u put alot of time and love in it. Well done. 

Ich schreibe es auch einfach noch mal in deutsch. Mir gefällt es sehr der Style der Karten wie die story sich entwickelt. Es erinnert an ein Spiel was ich vor jahren mal gespielt habe, also vom artstyle und dem aufbau der karten, kann den finger aber nicht genau drauf halten welches das war.

Aber wirklich gut gemacht hat mir sehr gefallen. 

Lets say the info is interesstin i will give it a try more later.

Muss sagen die info ist interessant, game auf karten aufgebaut hmm, mehr wenn ich es durch habe. ist aber nett zu sehen das es auch deutsche VN´s gibt :D 

yea i also can say its a good one cant wait for more 

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i mean the story related one :) 
And np its rly a great story it reminds on some i saw a long long time ago

Edit yes thats it :D i was wonderin thanks bud