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Okay i loved this part 1 so much and especially the part cute cute Yul and the mischievous Jinwol was my favourite. Their charms in their respective sections were overflowing and made me a bit giddy.

Chapter 8 in one word was outstanding. I just loved the progression and I honestly I am obsessed with all of the characters 馃挒馃挒

Oh my this is an interesting story ngl. Andrei is quite growing on me.

Okay wow first. This is unique as fricking heck. The way this whole game is made is amazing and dont get me started with how well the differences between in all the characters. Their personalities are just so distinct gosh. I honestly dont know what else to say but wow

Loved this update so much. The characters were a joy to meet and get to know. The MC as always is such a mood and the chaos that is taking place is just the best.

Huh that was interesting. I did only one playthrough but i will play more to see if there is more endings.

Imma keep my eyes on this game. I am much too invested already also why is aphrodite so cute!!! Like i am having a crush on my own mc haha

This was utterly beautiful and the spice was just perfect! The artworks were just beautifully made and placed and i honestly enjoyed the whole thing so much. The hot demon guy did certainly boosted the score haha. 

the game was an absolute joy to play! I enjoyed all the routes though admittedly i am biased towards the Prince haha. The story was short yet sweet and full of amazing characters that i feel sad I could never meet again. I actually loved Astora quite a lot and enjoyed her wittiness and all the responses we can choose for her as well. The outfits of course were also stunning and I admittedly spent too much time admiring her every outfit. 

All in all, I would definitely play this game again and would recommend it to friends for a good story and fun characters. 

Oh i didnt expect this much pain haha. I played all of your games but even then each passage I read hits hard everytime. It is honestly amazing

This gets surprisingly wholesome at times. I just like how Amanda can be so adorable

Okay this was more fascinating then i expected. I didn't expect such a fascinating story ngl but the story and the characters kept me reading and the text effects you chose just enhanced the whole experience.

Ngl i love this game but every choice i make drives me crazy because i worry if i made the right choice

I am quite excited to read more! The set up of the story was quite fascinating and the writing really built up the anticipation for me.

this was beautiful. i didn't expect my heart to hurt so much with such simple words

I am so excited!! I loved the slow build up you made and the characters were fun to meet as well. (Definitely planning to romance all of them at least once)

It is impressive. Like honestly this whole game is just plain impressive. I never expected myself to enjoy it so much. The story, the banter, the angst, the romance, and just everything is beautiful. I think I will continuously just replay and replay this game because it is honestly just amazing. I am waiting eagerly for the walkthrough so that I can get all the endings possible. 

Okay the game in whole is amazing. The design of thr UI and the transitions just made the whole thing more immersive. I enjoyed the depth of interactions we can have with different characters as well. I hope to continue watching this game develop but honestly 10/10 will come back to play again just to enjoy the story and the complexity put into it.

This game is amazing. Ngl, I went into this quite casually just like not expecting anything honestly, but I was absolutely blown away by the writing. 

The way you build the atmosphere and create tension was just phenomenal, and I was shocked at how the lore of the story actually sucked me in. It fascinated me so much and do not get me started on the characterization. I don't know how you did it, but every single character like every single one just made me fall in love with them. They were given so much life and meaning that it made me just fall in love.

I hope that you will continue this story, and I will for sure be keeping a keen eye on it.

Okay, so there are a few bugs. One that I am currently stuck in is when Dali asks what is your favourite insect. The passage repeats continuously even after making a choice. Visiting Ashtun and then taking a look at her book shows me a blank screen. This also comes up when I suggest Dali to visit Ashtun's place.

The writing overall is pretty good, and I enjoyed the characters and the more diverse choices. YThough I did see one error when during the Holt and Drey sex scene where Holt refers to me with the pronoun "him" even though I selected to be a female.

This game is going to end up killing me because of cliffhangers

Imma keep my eyes on this game!

The premise is quite intriguing and I am excited what options will be available to us.

Huh short but fun

I am excited to read more!!

Been reading this all over again and honestly the writing is spectacular fr

Oh wow this is amazing.

So excited to see where you will take this!!

Loved this game so much!! enjoyed the interactions a lot and i will make sure to keep up with the game whenever it updates

This update was amazing!! I loved the different interactions you can have.

Please cheer up!! I hope you won't blame yourself for the mistake too much. I think you are doing amazing and I will wait patiently when you decide to start writing them again!

This is fascinating ngl. I am interested to see how the mc will develop.

i haven't played it but i honestly don't remember the last time i played a quest game. will be having fun though !

Okay i am already in love with Rael. Literally obsessed

I didnt get all the endings yet but it really is fascinating. The story really feels like a snapshot in time and strangely the one person who seems to break it is 


The person we need to kill.

Tbh this was very fun. The amount of different scenarios concerning the chaarcters is so fun

I...find the all the storylines very interesting. Didnt expect that tbh. The writing is really good as well.

Everything is so just softtttttttt. My heart ack!