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Everything is so just softtttttttt. My heart ack!

Felice has just fricking stolen my heart and ran away with it. Permanently.

This is going to be exciting

She will be alive-ish. Just a melted puddle of feelings

Irus is just killing my character with embarrassment

Bruh this was so sad. Jmma go cry to death.

Okay i recently played three of your games and I love how you make your characters as well as their designs. The Jester is currently living rent-free in my head haha. I do hope you will go through with the Reo route someday but I throughly enjoyed the Cethin's route. I hope for the very best happy ending for all of them.

this game is so bad for my heart. I swear Aeran is going to end up killing me with angs

The mc is an interesting character. 👀

Now that is a prologue!

I am sad yet happy

Ngl this is amazing. I am seriouslu wondering where all the comments at.

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I am really glad you are not abandoning this. Take your time really and just enjoy the process.

ngl this was fantastic from beginning to end. I just loved how the story intertwined in every way and besides the romance was a beautiful tidbit. Thank you for making such a sweet(?) yet haunting yet heartwarming story.

Tbh i do not know how many endings you put but my gosh

Oooooh yessss. This is going to be extremely interexting to follow. Seems like the protag has a lot of stories

Okay ngl this was alot more to me than i expected. I enjoyed this very much.

It was short but sweet

Please tell me you are conitinuing this. This is all so fascinatint and the characters? My gosh i love their dynamic. I missed having characters like the witch and an amazingly well-made one as well.

Tis adorable and i shalt say no more.

...romance. I am fine with horror and all that as well. I don't have any triggers as well. Tbh I just think I would like anything you would recommend because I didn't imagine I would find a story that I liked as much as yours. So go wild with any recs

I love this so much my gosh. Do youperhaps have any other games like this to recommend? I am digging this type of story too much like wow...

Oh my fricking gosh the hilarity

...i am ngl. This is fricking amazing. I am shocked that i didnt find this earlier. Like wow.

Ngl this story is really interesting me. I am so curious of this world you created even though i have read my own fair share of text adventure games already. Also do you perhaps have any you will recommend?

I love this so fricking much my fricking gosh fricking heck ahhhhhhhh!!! Thank you for making such an amazing story really!!!

Kind of sweet ngl... there a chapter 1 yet?

This is going to be a blast to play hehe