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What are these arq games? And why are they not showing up on your page?

Thanks, with this I was able to find 4 of them, well guess I'll just have to replay it multiple times to find them all. Good game!

Just a little thing, the jump height feels too high, maybe you can try lowering it a bit if it doesn't affect the intended jumps

The notes are not fully visible, in some of the notes, the text at the bottom is cut out

I played through the game again, trying to find everything, still didn't find even a single child. (I just noticed a white doll thing once, but that was unreachable). Are you sure that this sidequest is actually doable? I'm going to need some kind of guide on how to find them. Feels like there is some mechanic that I'm not aware of that I have to use to get to them

How do I activate that sidequest? Or do I just talk to the guy and I just missed every single of those hidden collectibles?

I don't think I was able to reach the place shown in the forst screenshot (with those long spirits), also, what is it deal with that guy ho's looking for his missing kids? I didn't find any missing kids... Did I miss something or is it not added to the game yet?

I am facing a problem, on chrome the game doesn't load at all, just shows a black screen, and on firefox, the images do not load. Is this a common thing? How can I solve this?

That's weird, I played the whole game on browser, and it ran perfectly for me. I use Chrome btw, maybe try using chrome if you aren't already

so the smiley just grows huge and stops growing at a point and nothing happens beyond that? Kind of underwhelming for such a threatening little smiley

So I played this game for I guess long enough to say that there are so far no jumpscares in the game, thought this might help someone like me who gets scared easily.

But if there are any jumpscares in any part of the game that I may have not found out yet please tell me

are you playing without the sound? If so, then it may seem like there is a huge gap between your inputs and the next screen, but actually, all that time a narrator is speaking to you (which is the whole point of the game, to hear that guy speak to you and to listen to his reactions to your actions)

Yes, that was the problem.

I clicked on the fullscreen button and the small box without text appeared, and I could still click it and it worked, but if I do not make the game fullscreen, the button doesn't even appear

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Yes, there is a red button on a pillar, but how do I interact with that button?

Like in the first level, I have to change into water or steam, for that I need to go left, stand under the fire generator, and then activate it, how do I activate the generator?

yes, but how do I change forms? how to press the button on the generators?

what are the controls? how do I press the buttons?

uhhh, do you know what NIMBYism is?

my first choice was adding pop-ups, followed by adding poison swamp and bot detection... This dev must be some kind of pro speedrunner to say "too easy" after this

Reload the page, try to do all the things as instructed this time, keep retrying until you complete the plan, that's ending 1

For ending 3, well, like always that's the secret one, you will have to find it on your own (and maybe you will, just by messing around)

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Alright, the series is complete, and we got a lot of information, (like why there was the weird death conveyor with respawn point in twr1) but still there's a lot of unsolved mysteries, can you please elaborate on these points?

RAN's mom calls him RAN, so that must be his real name, but Outer Energies knows him as Mark, and the weird thing is, he writes back a letter to Outer Energies for the christmas party invitation, but it says it's from 'crazymrbread', and at the end, he signs it "Ma... I mean, Run", what's going on there?

Why does that bomberman change appearance when descending to hell? Ran doesn't undergo that change. Is he really the ADVERSARY?

What is Ran's Grandma? Ran seemingly is not the kind of being she was

How many times did Ran go through the timeline, and how? He did that neat little marketing trick way before the games, but what about the cursed forest? When did he start planning his escape? All that time, he was under our possession, so when did he leave all those lore notes? He started this plan because he saw the end, but the end came because of his doings, so is this some kind of a paradox he exists in? Did he live to the future and then devised the plan and somehow made his younger self follow it to make himself do those things and leave those notes so that his young possessed self can again live through those things, follow those instructions and escape finally? How many of him do exist in the same world? How did the first one manage to send the plan to the second without knowing about time travel? The second one leaves the notes and paves the way to victory for the third one, and writes that the third one somehow needs to find a way to go back in time, which is something only the Outer Gods can do, so how was he sure he will be able to do that? (So far my understanding is that the first one told the second about the plan, who did all those things to figure out a way to rewind time, but he got stuck in hell so the third one got possessed and was able to execute that plan)

Who is the monster? Why is he guarding some areas in part 6 and 7? In 6 he prevents RAN from passing without password, while in 7, RAN knows the password and calls someone to get him out, is that monster with or against RAN?

How did Ran get stuck in Hell? Did he set up that monster to protect himself? (the "you die in new mexico you die in real life" meme suggests that RAN cannot survive after getting exposed to hell's atmosphere)

Why did RAN need a pirate crew to run around when he had the helicopter?

The ADVERSARY destroys worlds, and the WATCHER creates them? So did the WATCHER create both the surface and hell too? Which world is the ADVERSARY coming to destroy? He is after RAN for knowing Decay, but, he is also destroying Hell? The bomberman doesn't even know RAN though, so does ADVERSARY appear in incarnations, or is the bomberman controlled by him?

Who opened the rift between Hell and surface and how? And who is trying to destroy the worlds really? The WATCHER is the one who is interested in creating and preserving the surface world, and he is trying to kill RAN for messing things up, so it makes sense for him to try and destroy hell, but at the end he gives up the surface world and prepares to create a new one. Why are we trying to kill WATCHER at the end? What will that even do?

Who is the third Ran who finally gets to escape? How does he appear directly in the future, and how and why does he come out of those chests? Has he experienced the past or is he somehow created in the future itself?

And finally... Why did you abandon us in part 7?

Let's see how much of this turned out to be correct:

The organisation 'Outer Energies' is not trying to rule over the outer gods, but simply wants to exploit their rewind ability to gain energy

Shades buying his 'ringtone' is actually him buying his own main theme

The monsters in the cursed forest were not same as the afterimage

Our final goal was not to find the root cause of it, just to run away

Wait, there's going to be a season 2??

And the crew members, did you make them using an AI or something? Or is that whole section just in game lore? (If it was, then I remember the 'creation machine' ever being mentioned again)

The music, I couldn't really notice whether the sound effects also do this because they are so brief

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Dude... I love it, what else is there to say?

Was the "one of us needs to do this" inspired from JoJo part 7?


a small thing though, Shade's 7th icon doesn't show up after winning, it still shows only 6

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There is a problem with the sound, sometimes the right earpiece is much much louder than the left one

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This is great, and very promising, even as a prototype, it has a very good feel. Feels like a roguelike, but you have put the genre as puzzle? Is the level not randomly generated? (Because that's what it feels like) Also, it looks like it is very easy to softlock yourself in rooms

Anyways, I would say go ahead and develop it further!

But you still need to clear that yourself, so it can never be impossible, also, that "closed off" path was super easy to circumvent

Raging is understandable (because this game is designed after Jump king), but maybe you should try to learn the controls instead of swearing in the comments

The thing is, movement does *not* work while jumping, just like real life. You can press a direction key while jumping, but once in the air, you cannot control direction of movement, it's set. The angle of take-off is determined by how long you press the spacebar, and the direction determined by the direction key you're holding when you are taking off

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Couldn't figure ou how to "hit the platform" for a long time, the angle is weird, but I got it eventually

10/10 would feed again

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It's been 2 months, any updates?

(not trying to rush you or anything, you can take as long as you want and I'm pretty sure no one will complain. Even moreso, it's the final game of the series we're talking about, it has to at least match the sheer brilliance of the first one, and quality takes time)

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Oh yeah, the game is great, super cute!

I am accustomed to clicking before dialogue ends because usually in games, that just finishes the current dialogue immediately, then I read the whole dialogue quickly and then click again to see the next dialogue, so I do care about the story, but the game text speed is usually much slower than my reading speed. But here pressing E just skips the dialogue, which I am not used to 

There's this small bug, while talking to someone, if you press E before their dialogue ends, then the next dialogue box will jumble up all the letters

It would be really helpful if the game gave us some hints as to what the hexagons do, and if they have activated or not. It took a me a lot of time to figure out I could dash with spacebar, and after encountering (and maybe activating?) the second hexagon, I now am in front of a huge block, without any pressure plates in sight, and seemingly no way I can go, and nothing seems to work

I have never seen a more christian game in my life...

Accept Jesus or suffer in hell forever. Christianity blatantly tries to force you into complying with their customs with fear, and people see nothing wrong with it

Yea I know

(Also, why does it just loop after ending? Could've added some fun stuff after that too)

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I was thinking, R? Next chapter TBA? Isn't it supposed to be the last game? What's happening?

But I gotta say, it's the absolute best game out of all of the TWR games

I see, thanks!

This is very buggy right now, so far:

I ended the fight peacefully once, and then the game came to a screen with absolutely nothing to do on it, I reloaded 

Entered a fight and immediately ran, the game froze, I reloaded

Killed an enemy, the game showed I lost for some reason (maybe I died the same turn as well, which should be possible), so I pressed try again, which brought me to the arena again, without my character, and with the enemy's health in negative (same as the last time I killed him) and his dying animation playing. I tried talking, but as soon as I sent the message, the game said something like "base instance is null", and all controls disappeared

I hope you fix this soon because this looks like an interesting project.