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Unfortunately, instant crash in Windows 10, while trying to drag-n-drop sequence, so the software is not working for me. Tested both on *.jpeg images made via Fotor app and *.png (by the way, *.png files were from official Audacious player skins - just had them in the folder and decided to conduct tests with them). I have placed the software in the same folder as images, but the result is the same: the software just crashes (totally disappears from taskbar and processes with no result at all).

To those asking if The Prologue demo or not. Yes, it is demo, it takes about 30 minutes to beat. Only 1st level included with just 1 boss. Still, a good game, though it may seem a little bit boring in comparison with late time advanced metroidvania games (Dead Cells, Shantae, Minoria and etc.)